Friday, January 3, 2014

Why Clearance is my BFF

 P.S.-----BFF stands for Best Friend Fer-sher. Wanted to clarify. :)

 I really wanted a new Christmas tree this year but I am so stingy on the whole "full-price" situation. So I used my tree that was falling apart, and my lights that were unraveling themselves and took me an hour to find the one stupid burnt out bulb that was making half the strand not work.
I went to Wal-Mart on Sunday and they were at 50% off for Christmas clearance which made the tree that I was somewhat interested in go from $39 to $19.50. I still didn't want to pay that much. I'm such a tight wad!
I decided I was going to be stuck with a tree that was falling apart for another year.
Then my phone chimed, [actually I never have my sound on so it just vibrated, I was trying to make it more dramatic.] Who could it be? My mother-in-law sent me a picture. Wal-Mart had marked their clearance to 75% off! I didn't think I'd be able to get to the store again after they made that mark down but she gave me hope! Off to Wal-Mart I went. Yippee!!!
I actually didn't want the tree that I got. Yes, I wanted a white tree but i didn't want a pre-lit. Sadly, I decided to settle because 75% off was a good price. Here's what I ended up getting.

A 6.5ft white pre-lit tree and (3) 100ct strands of lights. How much did I pay? $12.42. It somehow doesn't seem justifiable, TIGHT WAD I TELL YA, but I had gift cards so it was fine. After doing the math and figuring out how much I would have spent up until December 25th, I felt even better.
If I had been one of those people who said, "Eh, I don't care that it's full price, I want it now." Then I would have paid $39 for the tree and $2.50 for each set of lights. Instead I saved $1.88 per strand and $29.25 on the tree. A total of $34.89 that wasn't paid OOP. (out of pocket.)
Overall. I'm happy with my purchase. You can't go wrong with a tree that you could buy with a $10 bill!
Heads up. There were still really big pine trees on sale at 75% off as well. originally $98...marked down to $24.50!!! That's a savings of 75%! Just making sure you're paying attention. ;)

By the way. I went to Sioux Center Wal-mart. They had dozens of trees left. LeMars only had 7. AND. They were all green...not my style.