Friday, January 3, 2014

The Breakdown of Ibotta...a Money Earning app for you and your Smartphone

I've talked about Ibotta dozens of times but have I actually said what Ibotta is? According to the company's statement...Ibotta is a fun and exciting way to earn cash every time you shop. Check the Ibotta app for Product Offers, lucrative Bonuses, new Store Extras and more.
So, what's that mean? Actually just what it says. Ibotta has teamed up with retailers which allow the consumers to earn cash for buying products that they sell. For example, right now, until 1/06 you can earn $0.50 when you buy a dozen eggs. Or earn $.50 when you buy any gallon of milk (excluding non-dairy and flavored). 
Local stores that they are currently partnered with are:
*Wal-Mart            *Petco             *Costco

*Target                 *PetSmart        *Sam's Club

*Hy-Vee               *7-11              *Walgreens

*Dollar General     *Best Buy       *Home Depot

*Family Dollar       *Toys-R-Us   *Lowes

and like 40 stores that aren't even near us.

Besides stores though, you can earn cash by eating at certain restaurants. -Chili's -Subway -Burger King

You have this list of stores, so now what? Knowing which stores participate with the app is great because now you know which store you will be able to redeem the Ibotta offers at. There are new offers created weekly and there's such a variety. There are offers for food, movies, cleaning products, bathroom items, household items and so much more.It's one thing to talk about it, I'd like to actually show you how the app works.

Let's do a walkthrough. The top image is a snapshot of the app opened to the Hy-Vee store. I am at the store and want to get the offer for eggs. Click on the picture of the eggs. Look at the lower left hand image.  To verify that the eggs will qualify, click the details button. (orange circle). It will take you to the third image. You click the check product button and it will pull up a camera which you take a snapshot of the barcode and it will tell you that it matches or doesn't match the offer. Now, you can push the back arrow and underneath the image are a few different circles with different things written in them. Share on Facebook, share on Twitter, How to, Play Trivia, learn a fact, take a poll, watch a video and testify. 

What are all those though? Those are the ways that you earn the offer. You click on each of them and do whatever it requires and you will have the offers. Once you've clicked all the offers you want to redeem, make sure you actually purchase those products at a store that works with Ibotta. Finish shopping. Check out. Go home.Make sure you keep your receipt and don't damage it!
Once you're home, do whatever it is you do with your groceries...I bet you put them away! ;)
Get the items that matched the offers you chose on the app. In the lower right hand corner it says redeem which is where you click. It will take you to another screen and ask you to take a picture of your receipt. It will walk you through how you are supposed to do it but here's a pointer. Make sure that you are in an area that is very well lit. Try to avoid shadows. It minimizes them sending a message back saying that they were unable to read your receipt. After you've successfully taken a picture of your receipt, it'll want you to verify the products that you got that matches the offers. take pics of the barcode on the products. Finally, it'll have you send everything in when you're done. It says, within 24hrs but they usually get back to you in an hour or less.

There are also bonuses which can make it even more exciting. You get a bonus when you purchase a certain item plus another or when you redeem 2 offers within a time frame or other exciting bonuses. Guess you'll just have to check it out for yourself. :)
Is this app a scam? I'd have to tell you no. and I believe it. They're a company based in the United States, they are always adding more retailers to participate. I have had this app since April of 2013 and have earned a total of $69.25 between offers and bonuses. Plus, when you earn at least $10 you can cash out. You could link it to a paypal account of get a Regal, Starbucks, Redbox or iTunes giftcard. 

Overall, this is an amazing app. They're even working with Fareway right now which is fantastic because some people shop at Fareway a lot. I haven't had any issues with scam, I was able to transfer my money and had access to it instantly.
Anything else you'd like to know? :) Get Ibotta on your phone and try it for yourself if you haven't yet. (It only works with smartphones.) You'll be so excited when you see what you've been missing!