Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sioux Center Hy-Vee Trip 11/21

I went to Hy-Vee tonight after teaching in Hawarden (great turn out by the way) and had a few things on my list. I needed milk, which they had on sale. I needed butter, I wanted to see how much grief they gave with price matching-->P.S. it was no trouble at all, they were very compliant. I also wanted to take advantage of the buy a ham and get a turkey free sale. Plus one more thing, what was that? Oh yes. 160 M&M candy bars. Yes, you just read correctly. I said one-hundred and sixty candy bars. Insane, I know.

 I got all these things no problem, I actually sent a me sage to Mike, the store manager at Sioux Center Hy-Vee, super great, fantastic guy who is nothing but an asset to that store might I add. He took the time to count 160 candy bars out for me, store them in a box and then reserve them as the customer service counter with my name on it. (incorrectly spelled. Sad face.) Besides the point. So, I wandered the store because sometimes there are sneaky sales and then made my last stop and the mark down cart. They had some great name brand products in there which I suggest going in and taking advantage of!

I found Mt. Olive relish on mark down for $1-had a $1/1 Mt. Olive product from SS 11/17 (x 12/29)-->there were a few of these left!
I also found Hormel compleats breakfast bowls on mark down for $.50 each and I had a $1.50/3 coupon from SS 11/10 (x 1/06).-->there were only 3 of these.

The candy bars totaled up to $40 alone, but that's okay, I had coupons which made them all FREE. And no they weren't fake coupons, they all rang up legit. They were on a tear pad at a gas station.
I also used the store coupon for by a ham get a turkey free and used my MQ for $2/1 Hormel Cure 81 ham.
I won't play the game where I make you guess because I am just too excited to wait for everyone lol. My total before coupons came up to $87.35.
After PMing, store coupons and MQ, I paid a total of $28.95 OOP. That's a 67% savings!!!!

You can score some great sales too though, here were other items that were in the clearance cart!

Crystal light liquid drink mix marked down to $1, mainly tea flavors
-use $1/1 Crystal light liquid drink printable (states redeemable at Wal-Mart, some stores are iffy about taking these although it simply means you are ABLE to redeem it at that location)
Get the liquid drink mix free!!!

Crystal Light on the go packets--also mainly tea flavors $.50 each
-use $1/1 Crystal light on the go printable (pull lever 3 times and  click get coupon)
-use $1/1 Crystal light sugar free on the go printable (redeemable at Wal-Mart) not sure if there were any sugar free ones
Actually make $.50 per box!!

Found the Gerber Graduates lil entrees and the oatmeal with bananas. I checked the expiration dates on these and they're well into 2014.mark down to ONLY $.50 EACH!!!
-use $1/2 Gerber Graduates or Gerber Graduates 2+ products printable (page 6)
-use $1/2 Gerber Graduates or Gerber Graduates 2+ product printable (another link)
Get 2 for FREE!!

There's also that gigantic container of Tidy Cats liter, with febreze in it which is why I ended up not buying it, but I did coupon fairy it :). It's marked down to $3 and I stuck a $1 off coupon to it, so just $2 for this huge thing!! I know I don't have pets but liter is great in the winter for your steps/driveway.