Saturday, November 2, 2013

I went to Hy-Vee this morning....

I don't want to brag or anything, YES I DO! There were some great sales at LeMars Hy-Vee and I am so super excited to share them with you all!

Alright. So I went to get some bacon. Yes. I drove all the way to LeMars for some bacon. I've gone farther for less. Haha. No, I had some fuel savers to use on my card and I really needed gas, I was driving on fumes. I did get my bacon, but I found a lot more and I am going to share them with you, of course.

By the way, DID YOU SEE ME IN THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW? I bought two papers. It's totally exciting. I know. :)

Okay. Hy-Vee trip.
I got my bacon. 4 packages. $2.97 each. That's $11.88 just for bacon. Seriously though, during a usual week, the lowest you tend to see bacon is $4.99. That's $19.96 for 4 packages, which is $8.08 more. No thank you.

Everything else I did not need. Except the gift card. Wedding gift. $25 to Kohls.

I found the rest on sale and got them all for cheap or FREE.

 The campbell's slow cooker packages are on sale for $.79 and as you can see I had a coupon for $1/1 which is from SS 10/06 (x 11/30). After coupon, it makes the product...FREE. Actually, a money maker. $0.21 for each one. I had six coupons in my binder. Then I found the campbell's skillets on markdown too for just $.79 and had a $.75/1 coupon, SS 10/06 (x 11/30), which means you only pay $0.04 per package! Both of these products are select flavors, three of each kind. Make sure you read which ones are included because you don't want to expect it to be $.79 and then it rings up at $2.79 and not catch it till after you leave. The final item that's on sale was the Ice Breakers frost mints. I had found these $.75/1 coupons at the gas station and had 5 of them on hand, which makes them a $0.25 money maker for each one I bought!
They also had the Dial foam body washes on sale for 10/$10, which is just $1 for each bottle that you buy. I used my last $2/2 Dial body wash RP 10/06 (x 11/02). 

My total before coupons had come to $51.18 but after coupons I paid just $34.93. If you took the gift card out of there I would have paid $9.93 which would have been for the bacon which I initially started out at $11.88 for.