Friday, November 29, 2013

Fareway Deals 4 DAY SALE November 29-December 3 (closed Sunday) LeMars and Sioux Center

Cottonelle Toilet paper 12dbl rolls $5.99--LeMars, Sioux Center
-use $.50/1 Cottonelle 9rolls+ SS 11/17 (x 12/28)
Pay $5.49-->$0.23 per roll. STOCK UP PRICE

Store brand shredded cheese 2lb bag $5.99--LeMars STOCK UP PRICE--$6.99--Sioux Center--Very edge of stock up Price

Deli Style shaved ham $1.99/lb--LeMars

Dole bananas $.49/lb--Sioux Center

Malt-O-Meal assorted varieties cereal 22-36oz bags $3.49--Sioux Center--GREAT PRICE!

Whole beef short loins $4.99/lb (average 20-24lbs)--Sioux Center--STOCK UP PRICE--$5.88-LeMars

Ambrosia apples $.99/lb--LeMars

Tony's original crust 12" pizza $2 each--LeMars

Store brand white bread $.98--LeMars---STOCK UP

Store brand chicken noodle or tomato soup $.33 each--LeMars

Store coupon-Totinos crispy crust party pizza 5/$5--LeMars!!!!

Store coupon-Pepsi or coke 2liters 5/$5--LeMars

Store coupon-Store brand ice cream pail $3.99--LeMars!!!