Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Who wants shampoo/conditioner for FREE?

I went to Walmart this past weekend and was taking a peek at my coupons when I came across this fantastic find. Every once in a while there is a coupon that sneaks out and ends up being a free product, if you pay close enough attention. This situation is one of those. Unfortunately, I think this coupon might have only been in the bigger Sunday paper, which means if you hadn't purchased a Des Moines Register or paper of the same likes, you might not have the coupon.
The coupon was in the Red Plum 9/29. It was for $2.50 off any one TresEmme base product, (excludes Keratin Smooth, Platinum Strength, Split Remedy, Naturals and trial size).
Well check this out, not trial size and not any of the other excluded products either. :) Bam. enjoy your free shampoo/conditioner or both. Also, you can only use two like coupons in the same transaction. Have a lot? Split it up.