Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ibotta is celebrating its first birthday!

 There isn't a better time than now to get the Ibotta App on your smartphone if you haven't already. This email was just sent out and it looks like they're gearing up for some big releases within the next week, so you won't want to miss it!

Current offers available through Ibotta are:
Earn $.75 WYB 1.62oz only MiO Liquid water enhancer
Earn $1 WYB Ore-Ida Simply country style fries or homestyle wedges 24oz bag
Earn $1 WYB any variety and and size of Pyrex Glassware products
Earn $1 WYB 12oz or larger any women's Dove Shampoo
Earn $1 WYB 12oz or larger any women's Dove Conditioner
Earn $1 WYB any EVOL product, any variety any size (excludes quesadillas)
Earn $1 WYB any size and variety of Udi's Gluten Free
Earn $1 WYB any variety and any size of Wasa crackers
Earn $.50 WYB 2ct WW Smart Ones apple and cinnamon oatmeal
Earn $.50 WYB 2ct WW Smart Ones peaches and cream oatmeal
Earn $1 WYB any bagged variety, any size of Eight O' Clock Coffee
Earn $.50 WYB Doritos JACKED Spicy Chipotle BBQ Chips
Earn $.75 WYB Any flavor 8 or 16ct Chobani champions Tubes of Greek Yogurt
Earn $.50 WYB 2ct WW Smart Ones Maple and brown sugar oatmeal
Earn $1 WYB any variety Poise 16ct+ liners
Earn $.50 WYB TGI Friday's snack chips any variety 2oz+
Earn $1.25 WYB Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Deep-Conditioning Shine mask 8oz
Earn $1 WYB Poise pads any variety 16ct+
Earn $1.25 WYB Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shampoo or conditioner any variety 12.6oz+
Earn $1 WYB Scott naturals flushable cleansing cloth tube or refill 51ct+
Earn $1.25 WYB Suave Professional Moroccan Infusion Style oil 3oz bottle
Earn $3 WYB Love Actually 10th Anniversary Blu-ray combo pack
Earn $.75 WYB kook aid jammers any flavor 6oz pouches 10ct box only
Earn $.75 WYB Kool Aid liquid drink mix any variety, 1.6oz bottle (excludes multi packs)
Earn $2 WYB Philips Sonicare HX3631 Power up battery toothbrush starter kid orange or blue handle
Earn $.75 WYB CLR Calcium, lime and rush remover 28oz
Earn $2 WYB Love Actually 10th anniversary DVD
Earn $.75 WYB CLR bath and kitchen cleaner 26oz bottle
Earn $2 WYB Pediasure any variety 6ct pack or larger
Earn $1 WYB Little Duck organics Tiny fruits any variety
Earn $.75 WYB Tresemme flawless curls extra hold mousse 10.5oz can (X 11/02)
Earn $1.50 WYB cottonelle flushable cleansing cloths 42ct upright dispenser only
Earn $1.50 WYB Tresemme 24hr body finishing spray 7.7oz bottle (X 11/02)
Earn $1.50 WYB Tresemme 24 hour body foaming mousse 8.1oz bottle (X 11/02)
Earn $1.25 WYB Tresemme fresh start dry shampoo color care variety only 4.3oz can (X 11/02)
Earn $1 WYB Tresemme tres two extra old hairspray 11oz can (X 11/02)
Earn $.75 WYB Tresemme smooth and silky anti frizz secret smoothing cream 4oz (X 11/02)
Earn $1 WYB Tresemme Tres two mega firm control gel 9oz bottle (X 11/02)
Earn $1.25 WYB Tresemme platinum strength renewing deep conditioning treatment 6oz (X 11/02)
Earn $.50 WYB Method, any product variety any size
Earn $.50 WYB Arm and Hammer toothpaste any variety 4oz+
Earn $.50 WYB Entenmann's little bites any variety 5ct+
Earn $.50 WYB Edge shave gel any variety 5oz+

There are more than just the deposits that you can earn on the products. There are also store bonuses, which give you certain products that you can only buy at specific stores. Plus there are extra bonuses that you can combine with your deposits to get even bigger earnings. For example, if you purchase both of the Poise products during the same, you can earn $2 extra on top of the $2 you earn to purchase the products anyway.
This app literally pays to own and it is NO COST to you! What are you waiting for? Get Ibotta on your smartphone now. Need another reason? Not that you should but here you go. If you click on any of the many links that I have provided, you are able to register for the app and there is a chance for you to earn up to $10 in bonuses!