Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hy-Vee 2 day candy and Fuel Saver promo EXPIRED

50¢ off per gallon with purchase of any 5.

Reese’s Snack Size 10.5 oz. Kit Kat Snack Size 10.78 oz.
Hershey Milk Choc. Snack Size 10.78 oz. Almond Joy Snack Size 11.3 oz.
Mounds Snack Size 11.3 oz. PayDay Snack Size 11.6 oz.

Coupon available to use with this deal:
$1.50/3 Hershey's Reese's, Kit Kat, Jolly Rancher or Twizzlers Snack Size Bags SS 10/20 (x 10/31)

I am quite sure the price at most stores right now is $3.99 per bag, so after coupon you would pay $3.49 per bag. Something to think about though, if a store local to you is having a sale on these items, you can price match them at Hy-Vee. Take the ad in with you and make sure all the criteria is met (size, brand, quantity) and get an even better deal. Plus, when you price match you can still receive the fuel saver deal, and listen up people: this is a great fuel saver deal!

UPDATE: Sioux Center Hy-Vee is currently out of stock on these items but are working on trying to get more into their location. I am waiting on responses from LeMars, Sheldon, Sioux Falls and Sioux City locations and will keep everyone posted as to where this deal is available. Happy day before Halloween!!!
LeMars Hy-Vee has limited stock but there are still bags there!

Sheldon Hy-Vee has plenty of Reese's but their stock is beginning to run low on the other snack sized candies. Hurry in while you can!!