Thursday, October 3, 2013

A fun fact about Hy-Vee

I keep running this through my head, and I have known it for some time but I just always forget to say something. Plus, it's not a super common occurrence. When it happens though, it's fantastic, and I say this from experience.
If you are ever shopping at Hy-vee and you go to check out and pay for everything, if something rings up incorrectly, it's FREE. Yes, you heard me correctly, if it rings up wrong, you get it for FREE!!! Just the other day I actually went through this, it was just unfortunate that I got home from the store before I realized the mistake was made.
I made a purchase of an item that was on clearance but because I had some very technical purchase issues so I was not paying attention to the way things were ringing up. Well, I found candy on clearance for just $1 each because they were expired (expirationn dates on candy mean nothing to my husband). Well, it was the first thing rang up and I was making sure I had all my coupons and products lined up so I didn't notice that they rang up at full price. I Paid $3.90 for something that was supposed to be just $1.
I called the store the next day and explained what happened. They told me to come in and bring my receipt and they would take care of it. So the next day I went back with my receipt and got all my money back for the products. :)
Moral of the attention. I'm not saying you have to write down every single price of every item you purchase, but just take note of the major ones; the ones on clearance or the ones that are supposed to be part of a big sale. It's not illegal, it's their policy.