Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Your new best friend....the MIR

What in the world is MIR?? Mail in Rebate. Okay so what the heck is that? When you have a MIR for a product, you are able to basically purchase that item, or a quantity of specific items, on the same shopping trip, then you go home, fill out the form, provide the information they request; UPC codes (written or cut off product), receipt with products marked (usually highlight, circle or underline) and the rebate form filled out with your information.
What's the point though? It's such a waste of time. For some people, maybe. For those in the world who don't mind getting money back for the things we have to buy every day anyway, they're fantastic!
Here is a current rebate I just came across that was released by P&G. The time frame is from 9/01-9/28 of this year which means there's only 18 days left. The goal is to purchase $30 worth of Tide, Downy or Bounce products in order to receive a $10 rebate card. (excludes tide pods and trial/travel products)

I noticed information on the form stating that you must have a $30 total after coupons and discounts are applied.

You must mail in the completed form, the original dated sales receipt with store name and products purchase price CIRCLED. You must include the original UPCs from the product and if it is unable to be removed, you must write it in the spaces provided. Include all of this information in an envelope and mail it to the address provided.

Here is the link to get your form!

Only one per household and address. If you try to send more than one they will ignore any other submissions and only give you the rebate for the first submission they received. Must be 18 to participate.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.