Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fareway Deals 9/25-10/01

I am going to start doing Fareway a little differently. Instead of posting 5 different ads, I am going to post them all on one and list the site of the deal after the deal itself. I am also only going to be listing deals that are worth noting a decent price change. 
Large eggs 1dz $.99 LIMIT 2--LeMars--Sioux City NO LIMIT
Store brand 1/2 and 1/2 $.79--LeMars
Store brand deli sliced cheese 8oz pk $2.50 each [usually $2.69 but swiss is included which has a normal price of $3.39]--Oc, Sioux Center, Sheldon

Store baking chips [semi-sweet or milk] 3/$4 ($1.25 each) w/ Store coupon--OC, SCenter, Sheldon
Store brand flour 5# bag $1.19 w/ store coupon--OC Sioux Center, Sheldon
Store brand flour 5# bag $.99 w/ store coupon--LeMars
toast 'ems pop tarts $.99 [38% off]--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
store brand multi grain bread $1.68--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars, sioux City
Sunshine cheez its $2.50 [37% off]--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars, Sioux City
Frito lay ruffles chips $2.50 [42% off]--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars
Old Dutch restaurante style tortilla chips $2 [50% off!!]--LeMars

Store brand 2L $.48 each--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
Store brand tomato juice 46oz can $.97 [39% off]--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon

7-up 2L $.77--LeMars
Fiora Bath tissue 12ct $3.99 --LeMars, OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
-use $.50/1 Fiora bath tissue or paper towel RP 8/04 (x 9/30)
-use $.50/1 bath tissue or paper towel (facebook)
Pay $3.49 for 12 rolls [42% total savings]

Fiora paper towels 8ct $3.99 -- OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon--listed at $4.99 in LeMars
-use $.50/1 Fiora bath tissue or paper towel RP 8/04 (x 9/30)
-use $.50/1 bath tissue or paper towel (facebook)
Pay $3.49 for 12 rolls [42% total savings]

Old Spice deo (fresh, pure spring and original) $1.99--LeMars
--This Sunday, P&G will release new coupon insert and there will be a $2/2 Old Spice products coupon in there
Starting Monday, 9/30, use the coupon and score 2 deos for just $2!


Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.98/lb [GREAT DEAL 43% SAVINGS!!!]--OC, Sheldon, Sioux Center, LeMars, Sioux City
10# tube 93% beef $2.99 or $29.90--LeMars

Buddig lunch meat 2oz $.50 each--OC, Sheldon, Sioux Center, LeMars, Sioux City
-use $1/5 packages SS 7/28 (x 10/31)
Pay just $.30 per package after coupon!!!

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bologna or Turkey Cotto Salami $.99--LeMars, Sioux City
Oscar Mayer Cotto salami or bologna 16oz $.99 [50% off!]--OC, Scenter, Sheldon
Most other meats are being sold at a discount but the price is mainly anywhere from a mere $0.19 off to $0.90 off. New York strip and smoked pork chops are $1 off normal price.
Yellow onions $.49/lb--Oc, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars
Dole bananas $.49/lb!--OC, Sioux enter, Sheldon
Bartlett pears $.88/lb STOCK UP--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sioux City
Cucumbers $.44 each STOCK UP--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon

I would like to take the time to share with you about all the deals I did not post and why. Quaker instant oatmeal for example is advertised at $2.50...everyday price is $2.50--WHAT A DEAL.
A majority of the items you don't see in my post but are in the flyer are NOT listed due to the fact that they are a measly $0.10 off the normal everyday price. Some were only a $0.04 difference!!! I am not going to take the time to post all of the crap sales anymore, if there is a coupon that makes a crap sale a fairly decent one, I will still post it but I don't want to encourage wasting money on a "sale" that is a dime less than last week.Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that adjusting to my new Fareway post will not be an issue. Please report if any arise.