Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where do all those coupons come from?!

I am asked numerous times a week, where do you get your coupons? Where can I find coupons? Well, I am finally going to address that question publicly. The best place to get your coupons will always be the Sunday paper. Depending on the area of Iowa that you live in, or other states (I have followers from PA, NY, MN, IL, MO, SD, ND just to name a few) there are different papers offered. For example, here in Orange City, we can get the Sioux City Journal, Des Moines Register and Argus Leader. In Sioux City though there is also access to the Omaha Sunday paper. The farther you go away from my zone, the more varieties of papers there will be. No matter what though, there will always be coupons in the Sunday paper. (excluding Christmas, Thanksgiving and a few other random weekends occasionally)

I have said this before but when you go to the gas station, don't just grab a paper, pay for it and go home. Yes, most times you will get home and all your inserts are in there, but there will be that one day when you are really pumped about a specific coupon and guess what, the paper was missing that whole SS or RP insert! You may feel like a weird-o standing there looking at your papers before you buy them but you'll save yourself heart break and agony. Also, look into getting the paper delivered. That way you know you'll always get a copy. I have the SCJ and DMR delivered every Sunday. Not enough people want the Argus around me to have it delivered though so I still go to the gas station for that one.

But yes, the Sunday paper has coupons, what about those days other than Sunday? Those left over 6 days of the week that don't deliver paper coupons to your door step? Online coupon sites of course. Which ones though? Let me tell you which ones to make sure you don't go to. Do not go to google and type in whatever coupon you are looking for and then click on that. More than likely, you'll get a virus. More than likely. Instead, check out these coupon sites. When you first try to print from them, it may tell you to install a coupon printer but that's not a virus. It's to make your printer compatible with the way coupons are required to be printed.

Check out these sites.

More than likely, if there was a coupon you expected to see in the SS or RP but it wasn't there, a day or two, or maybe even that day, it will appear on their online collection.

Do you want to know another tip though? It's something I utilize every day. Do you have facebook? Then you're already half way there. Find your favorite brands. Like them. check their page occasionally. They release coupons on their FB page and sometimes they can be even more high value than the ones from the papers. Sometimes you can get coupons for products that you rarely see ones in the paper for. Example: Freschetta pizza. We love it in my house but there's rarely ever coupons. I went to their FB page and found a game to play and then got a coupon for $1/1 as well as $3/2 when you share. 

If the products you like don't have a FB page, don't get discouraged. Now is the time to go to google and type in the company name you like. They usually have a webpage created. On this page there will be some kind of contact us button somewhere. find it and click on it. Fill out information. Let them know how much you love their products. How you were wondering if they could send you coupons or if there was a place where you could access them. It works. I get coupons for things that my hubby uses all the time. (he's a little high maintenance LOL) If you couldn't find a website, last resort, look at the product you use. There is bound to be a phone number on it. Call them. Tell them how you feel. They'll ask for your address and send you coupons more than likely. 

These are all the ways that I get coupons for my family and how I rarely ever pay full price for the household items and groceries we use. Yes, I do pay for stuff, such as a shower curtain liner. But I make sure to evaluate all my options and if the cheapest one available will get the job done, that's the one I'm going to buy. Who in the world is going to see if my shower liner is white or clear or whether it has frills or is just a cheap plastic? If I'm being judged on that, I've probably made a bad choice in house guests. :)

Try it out though. There are so many different avenues to go down when it comes to coupons, it just takes a little time to come across them.