Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hy-Vee weekly flyer August 28-Sept 3

Page 1 (including fold out flap)
Store brand ground beef 1# tube (16oz) 80% $1.98  LIMIT 2--I spoke with Fareway and at their meat counter you can PM this. You have to get 80% lean though and can only get 2lbs. IN order to PM meat you must show them the ad at the meat counter so they can change the price there.

Seedless Watermelon $2.88 for the whole thing?!?! [STOCK UP PRICE]
Lay's kettle cooked or tostitos cantina chips 8-12oz $1.66
Pepsi 4/$11---cheaper at Fareway

Store brand potato chips 11-12.25oz  $1.66
BB ice cream 1.75qt $2.50
Pepsi 2 liters $1.25 each
Bull's eye or garland jacks bbq sauce 18oz $1.49

Page 2
Nabisco crackers, ritz or ritz crackerfuls $1.77
-use $1/3  nabisco cookie or cracker SS 8/11 (x 9/21)
Pay $4.31 for 3 boxes!

Store brand white hot dog or hamburger buns $.97!!!!!
Store brand ice cream 1.75qt $1.88

Page 3
Store brand butter 1lb $1.68

Heinz ketchup 38oz $1.97
-use $.25/1 Heinz ketchup RP 8/25 (x 10/06)
Pay just $1.72

A1 steak sauce 10oz jar $1.99--$2.98 @ W
KC masterpiece bbq 18oz $.88!

Bush's best baked or grillin' beans 21-28oz $1.38
-use $1/3 bush's grillin' beans printable
pay just $3.14 for 3 cans or $1.05 each!!!

Store brand aluminum foil or parchment paper 30-75sq ft $2.38

page 4 & 5
Nectarines $.99/lb
Dole broccoli $1.28/ bunch [GREAT PRICE]
Aztec corn 7.5oz or flour 8.5oz tortillas $1
Store brand shredded lettuce $.99
Store brand string cheese 10-12oz pk $2.99

Eckrich smoked sausage 13-14oz $2.50
-use $.55/1 roped or links smoked sausage  RP 8/25 (x 10/31)
pay $1.95

Hormel lil sizzlers $1.25----wait for sale they can be a dollar!

Page 6
Betty Crocker fruit snacks 4/$5--great deal since these are usually $2.50 each
-use $.50/2 betty crocker fruit snacks SS 8/04 (x 9/28)
-use $.50/1 betty crocker fruit snacks printable
-use $.50/2 betty crocker fruit snacks printable
Get a box as low as $.75!!!

Kellogg's rice krispies treats 8ct $1.66
-use $1/2 Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Crispy Marshmallow Squares SS 8/04 (x 9/29)
Pay $1.41 each WYB 2

Chex mix, bugles, gardetto's or green giant chips $1.66 each
-use $.50/2 printable
-use $.50/2 Chex mix, bugles, green giant chips SS 8/04 (x 9/28)
Pay $1.41 each...still spendy


Kraft salad dressing 12-16oz $1.99
-use $.55/1 Kraft salad dressing 16oz (ALL YOU Sept. 2013)
As low as $.84 after both coupons

Kraft Miracle Whip 30oz $2.49
-use $1/1 Miracle Whip facebook
-use $1/1 miracle whip peelie
As low as $.89 after both coupons

Planters 16-16.5oz $2.99
-use $1/2 planters products SS 6/30 (x 8/31)
Pay $3.78 for 2 after coupons

Kraft cheese, shredded, chunk, crumbles, cubes, cracker cuts or fresh takes 5-8oz $2.59
-use $1.50/2 Kraft or cracker barrel natural sliced cheese printable
-use $1/2 kraft natural cheese block printable 
-use $.99/1 kraft fresh take printable --if any issues will have to sign in and change zip to 21220
Pay as low as $2 for 2 after all coupons!!!

Page 7
Vitamin Water $.66 each when you use the store coupon of 5 for free WYB 10/$10

Vlasic pickles select varieties 16-32oz $2 each
-use $1/1 any Vlasic pickle printable 
Pay just $1!!!

Store brand brown sugar or powdered sugar 2# bag $1.59--decent price

Mt. Olive pickles select varieties 16-32oz $2.29
-use $1/1 any Mt. Olive pickles, peppers or relish product SS 8/25 (x 9/29)
Pay $1.29

Pace picante sauce or salsa select varieties 16oz $1.50 each
-use $.60/2 pace products SS 8/25 (x 10/20)
Pay just $1.20 for each!!

Store brand tortilla chip 10-13.6oz $1.66
Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilies or chili fixin's 10oz $.88

Old el Paso stand n stuff tortillas $1.99
-use $.75/1 stand n stuff tortilla pack SS 8/25 (x 10/19)
Total is just $1.24

Old El Paso cooking sauce 8oz $2
-use $.75/1 mexican cooking sauce SS 8/25 (x 10/19)
Pay $1.25

Store brand tomatoes 14.5 or 15oz $.66
Store brand cooking oil 48oz $2.99

Page 8
store brand sherbet $1.50 each
Jack's pizza (orignal or half and half) $3 each

Hot pockets $2.25 each-->on sale for $1.88 at Fareway this week

New yort tezas toast or bread $2.50
-use $.50/1 New york frozen bread product printable
Pay $2 per box

Yoplait yogurt cups $.50 each
-use $.40/6 cups SS 8/25 (x 10/19)
-use $.50/8 cups SS 8/25 (x 10/19)
-use $.40/6 cups printable
pay $2.60 for 6 cups or $.43 each

Fuel Saver Insert-->All the sales are terrible in this section this week.

Page 9
Xtra laundry detergent 75oz $2 each

Palmolive dish soap 25oz $2
-use $.50/1 palmolive soap SS 8/11 (x 8/31)
Pay $1.50....not a deal.

Brawny paper towels 6pick a size or 8reg $8.97
-use $.55/1 brawny RP 8/11 (x 9/14)
Pay $8.42--> this is AWFUL. you would pay over a dollar per roll. You want to pay no more than $.45 per roll!!

Quilted Northern 12dbl or 8trpl $6.88
-use $.75/1 quilted northern facebook
-use $.45/1 quilted northern ultra plush RP 8/11 (x 9/11)
-use $.45/1 quilted northern ultra soft and strong RP 8/11 (x 9/11)
pay as low as $6.13 or $.25 per roll. ($.50 per dbl but dbl is 2 single)

Old Spice or secret antiperspirant or deo 2.6-3.25oz $2.29
-use B2 old spice deo G1 body spray free P&G 7/28
Pay $4.58 for 2 deo plus get a free spray

Page 10 is all store items to get at the bakery or deli