Friday, August 16, 2013

My donation just doubled!

After last night's trip, my second box is now full as well. I will be giving these to a good friend Nancy, who will then help me have them distributed to the people who need them most. As you can tell, it's a lot of stuff; hair coloring, deodorant, shampoo,  shaving cream, razors, makeup removers, floss, and so much more. Maybe because I'm a little compulsive, I like to figure out the retail value of everything I donate. No tax ride off, just fun to see how much money I didn't spend and how much I might have just saved a bunch of people who couldn't afford to spend it.
I did all the math, I'm a freak with numbers so I remember all the prices, good thing to do when you know what your MM are!  Total value of both boxes...$427.41. What did I spend on these items? Not a penny.
This is my favorite part of couponing, and it never gets old. I am getting low on big boxes though! Lol