Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another coupon for kid gifts

I have been speaking about purchasing gifts ahead of time lately, building a back stock of items for birthdays and Christmas so that when the time comes, you won't be paying hundreds of dollars on the things your kids want this year. It really does work. Last year on all 4 of my children, I spent a total of $100 on all of them! They got the most gifts they've ever gotten from us too. Their stockings were plump, and Santa actually brought them two gifts instead of just one! It was a great Christmas and now birthdays are becoming just the same. I got my oldest son a Nerf gun that retailed at $30, and spent $11 on it. He also got Uno Roboto, which around Christmas time went for $40. I PM'd it for $20 and had a $10/1 coupon so I only paid $10 for it!!! Why waste the money around the holidays when you could be sitting back by the fireplace sipping a nice cup of hot cocoa or whatever you do to relax.
I think I trailed off a little. Here's the coupon. :) $3 off WYB $15 in Mattel games. It may not seem like a lot, a lousy $3, but it adds up. Especially when you price match games to Toys-R-Us and can get 3- 5 games for just $15. Some great deals are waiting so don't miss out printing this. You always need board games for those rainy days, or snow days when school is cancelled and the wind is blowing 20mph and it's -5 degrees outside. Can't go wrong.