Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alco deals available till 8/18

I want to share with everyone. As much as I am not always a fan of the employees at Alco, they adopted just a few months ago, a policy to ad match other stores. I searched all over their site and could not find their policy so I did the old trick of picking up the phone and calling.
I asked quite a few questions and got all the answers I wanted to hear. :)
Here is the break down.
Alco matches local competitor's ads. I did hear that it was only a 10 mile radius, but when I spoke with a couple employees at the Orange City Alco, they informed me that they will match Walgreens, Target, Shopko, Dollar General, you name it, they match it.
Only stipulation, you do need to have the ad with you. The whole thing, not just the page you are matching, just so they are able to verify the date.
There is no limit on the number of items you can ad match.
The specifics are similar to Wal-Mart. You must have the same item, same size,  color, quantity, brand, etc.
Also, you can still use coupons on the items after you ad match them.

I had a question too about the 30% off coupon that they released in their paper, which is good for 16 and 17. There are all of the limitations listed on the coupon You cannot use the coupon on any item in the flyer, but you can stack a coupon with this coupon on any item that's not a sale item.

Although I am not very fond of certain employees or their many over-priced items, this ad match policy could be their new breakthrough. I would 100% choose to support a local store over Wal-Mart any day and this may be just the thing. Just note, you can probably be able to match most stuff you buy at Wal-Mart and you will still get great priced, they'll feel even greater because you know that Alco is like $3 higher priced on everything. :)

A few deals to take note of this week at Alco...

Cottonelle 12 big rolls $4.88
-use $.50 (2) 4ct or (1) 9roll+ SS 8/11 (x 9/22)
Pay $4.38 after coupon...good price

Shout laundry spray $1.88
-use  $1/2 shout products SS 7/28 (9/08)
-use $.75/2 shout products
Pay as low as $1.38 for each WYB 2

Scott 6 Mega Rolls paper towels $4.88

Coppertone sunblock 30% off
-use $5/2 Coppertone products SS 6/23 (x 8/31)
-use $1/1 coppertone product SS 6/23 (x (8/31)
-use $2/1 coppertone products printable
Total will vary

Nature's bounty vitamins and supplements are all B1G1 FREE
-use $2.50/1 Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions SS 8/04 (x 9/03)
-use $1/1 Nature's Bounty Vitamin or Supplement SS 8/04 (x 9/03)
-use $3/1 Nature's Bounty Krill, Fish Oil or CoQ 10 SS 8/04 (x 9/03)
-use $3/1 Nature's Bounty Dual Spectrum Cranberry with Hibiscus SS 8/04 (x 9/03)
-use $4/1 Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Complete Protein and Vitamin Shake
End total will vary

Folger's Country Roast Coffee 34.5oz $6.50