Sunday, July 28, 2013

What is that?!

Have you ever gone to the store and noticed that there's a coupon sitting on the shelf by a product? One that the store most likely did not strategically place there? Well that's what is called being a "coupon fairy" or in reference to guy couponers, a "coupon bro". Someone looks at the product, matches their coupon with it, and decides it's not something they want to buy, the coupon will expire soon, or they purchased the limit specified on the coupon and will not be returning before the expiration date. So instead of just throwing the coupon away, they are generous enough to leave it on the shelf for the next person to enjoy if they choose to.
Being a coupon fairy, or bro, is a great way to pass on the savings without having to have attention drawn to yourself. So if you do it, great, keep it up, and if you don't,  just give it a try. You wouldn't believe the smile it puts on a person's face when they realize they can save money on a product they use and that someone was nice enough to share.