Sunday, July 28, 2013

A nice backpack deal.

I believe there is an Office Max up in Sioux Falls, so if you are heading there at all this week, you have until Saturday to take advantage of this great deal. Just earlier today I was asked about backpack deals and it's hard for me to post on them because I don't know what people are looking for, I can't price match them to Walmart because everyone carries different brands, styles, and everything else, so I just don't know. Here is a really good deal at Office Max though. You pay $49.99 for a backpack, but then you get a $49.98 Office Max perks bonus rewards back. Unfortunately you have to be a card member for this I think? I have never shopped at Office Max before so if you understand the deal, more power to you.
I am way more simple with the Easy Rebates at Staples. If this is the same process though, just worded really confusingly, then okay.