Friday, July 26, 2013

What I learned at Walmart tonight.

So, I packed my coupon binders,  and had my list in hand, I was off for another adventure at the local Sioux Center Walmart. Well, I got there and was in the clearance isle first, as usual, and I went to pull my phone out to use the calculator and, crap, I left it in my van. That should have been sign number one that this would not be a trip to remember.

So I continue shopping, BTW, clearance is awful right now for me, I haven't been able to score a deal there for months, so I went and grabbed my 93 cent Always liners that I had the dollar off coupon for. Scoped around, got some other items I needed, did all my price checking for the Hyvee school supplies match up, which I will be finishing after this post, then headed to the shelf where the gal I spoke with on the phone today told me the Lance crackers would be.

Number two...there were Lance crackers, but there were no Lance Xtra Fulls. At all. Walmart doesn't carry them. Maybe try a bigger city Walmart. Ya, thanks for the tip.

Number three. Stopped to get the Tide in the laundry detergent isle, you know, the one that Hyvee had on sale for $2.99. A 50oz bottle....Low and behold, walmart carries, 40oz, 75oz, 100oz, and 150oz. Heaven's forbid they carry a 50oz bottle! So that deal was shot.

Luckily they had store brand mac and cheese because OC Fareway is completely out due to the fact that they are working on changing the packaging and Micah has no idea when they will be able to get a shipment in because he's been trying to order them for quite some time now.

Number four. Walmart doesn't carry corn nuts. Go check out the gas station. That's what I was told. Fareway has them by their baking nuts for $1.19. Yay Fareway, I will be buying your corn nuts!

Number five. Walmart doesn't carry those candy bars with M&Ms in them. Seriously.

Number six. Walmart only has three brands of croutons, and none of them were the brand I wanted.

After all of that great shopping I decided to call it quits and check out. Seventh bad thing. I went with someone I didn't know. Here's a tip, try to pick cashiers that you know are friendly, that understand coupons and that you know are friendly. Yes I said friendly twice. My cashier didn't have a personality.  Doesn't laugh at jokes. Doesn't smile. Doesn't even ask how I am doing or if I found everything I was looking for. NOTHING.

So he's ringing up my stuff, tells me my total. $15.02. Alright. Well here's my coupons. Starts ringing them up. Gets to the Always coupons. I inform him that I purchased the product and he freaks out because the cash register is asking if the coupon is correct. So instead of listening to me when I tell him that it's just overage which their coupon policy approves, he calls for a CSM. Luckily I know her. Unfortunately, that didn't do me any good.

No where on the package does it say anything about trial or travel size, nor is the package of 20ct liners located in the travel section. So why would there be an issue? There isn't. Sadly, the CSM (that's customer service manager BTW) tells me that since the package costs $.93 and the coupon is valued at $1 they have to mark down the value of the coupon and cannot give overage for the item because it is not actually the right item for the coupon. WHAT?!?! If it weren't the right item the register would beep and say coupon does not match item purchased. It did not. I was there.

So I'm trying to explain all this fun stuff about it not saying trial/travel and not being located there and then, THEN, I get told that the SC walmart is hiring security guards and they are looking for people who do what I am trying to do....what am I trying to do!? Save money using a coupon legally. She finally took care of the "issue" and I gave the cashier my $4.05 and left with my stuff.

Long story short, I am going to be calling Always on Monday morning. I tried tonight but their business hours of course are only M-F 9-5. So at your own free will use this coupon but my suggestion is make sure you pick a good cashier who wont hassle you. How do you know if it's a good cashier? Well as you walk up to them ask them something about coupons like, "Do you have issues with using coupons?" If they say no in a chipper way, he/she is a good cashier. If they say it in a monotone voice, get out of their isle as quick as possible.