Friday, July 26, 2013

Hyvee School Supply insert

There are actually a few great school supply deals in the Hyvee extra insert this week, ones that are better than Walt-mart's "everyday low prices". If it isn't on the list, Walmart doesn't carry it or they're the same price as advertised in the flyer.

Wooden or plastic ruler $0.15 ($.47 for plastic and $.25 for wooden @ W)

Crayola twistable colored pencils 12ct $3

Crayola dry erase crayons 8 count $3

Sharpie accent highlighters (this is the 4pk of all yellow or the 4pk wity yellow, blue, orange and pink) $1  ($1.74 @ W)

Sharpie 2ct package of black markers. Their 2pks at Walmart are currently B2G1 Free in the package so it's a 3 pk. $1 ($1.47 @ W)

Filler paper (notebook paper) $.75 ($.82 @ W)

Inkjoy 300 RT retractable pens 8pk color or Black $2 GREAT PRICE ($3.77 @ W)

Inkjoy 700RT 2pk $2 ($2.97 @ W)

Pilot G2 2ct pens $2 ($2.49 @ W)

Bic Cristoal pens blue, black, or red 10 ct $.50 ($.97 @ W)

Dry erase crayons 8ct $3 ($3.97 @ W)

Crayola washable markers aren't cheaper at Hyvee but I wanted to share that they are only $1.97 so please don't pay $3 for them!

Expo markers as well are only $2.50 at Walmart.

BIC mechanical pencils 0.7mm 10pk $1 ($1.47 @ W)