Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunshine Foods 7/24-7/30

Bananas $0.38/lb very good price!
Dole bagged lettuce $0.99 great price too!!
Good prices on chicken leg quarters! $1.19/lb

Old Wisconsin beef sticks 5oz $2.99
-use $1/1 Old Wisconsin product 4oz+
Pay $1.99

GM yellow box Cheerios $2
-use $.50/1 Oringal Cheerios SS 7/14 (exp 8/24)
or -use $1/2 original cheerios printable
Pay as low as $1 per box after $0.50 doubles!

GM chex mix, gurdettos, Pillsbury baguette chips, or 100 calorie snack packs $1
-use $.50/2 chex mix, gurdettos, Pillsbury baguette chips SS 6/30 (8/24)
-or use $.50/2 chex mix, gurdettos, Pillsbury baguette chips
Buy 2 bags and pay just $.50 for each one.

Cheez-its $1.66

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets $2.29
-use $1/1 velveeta cheesy skillets
pay $1.29

Hungry jack pancake mix or syrup $2
-use $.55/1 pancake or syrup 24oz+
Pay $1.45

Marzetti caramel dip $3
-use $1/1 Marzetti caramel dip printable
Pay $2

Dannon Light and Fit yogurt $2.29
-use $.50/1 Dannon light and fit yogurt (sign the pledge facebook)
Coupon doubles pay just $1.29

Pepperidge Farm garlic bread $2.59
-use $.50/1 Pepperidge Farm frozen bread
Coupon will double making it only $1.59 for a box

Really great price for the pillsbury products $1.80 apiece. I don't think there are coupons tho, unfortunately.

Store brand pop. $2.22 per 12pk. good price. could be better, but good.

But 4 pepsi product 2 liters and get a diet pepsi 2 liter for free with store coupon $1 after coupon