Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rue 21 Sweet Coupon

So, I used to be a Rue 21 fanatic. I mean, seriously, I was there every weekend if I could be. Which was bad because at that time in my life, I didn't use coupons. Not like I do now. But since I have come across this great coupon, everyone wins, and they win a lot!
Starting tomorrow until August 4, Rue will be running a promotion. It's called, "Tear it, Share it, Shop it, Rock it. Here's how it works.
Get the coupon. Shop. Use the coupon. Save big! Haha what's the coupon? Break down starts...NOW.
$20 off a $50 purchase.
$40 off a $100 purchase.
$80 off a $200 purchase.
$100 off a $250 purchase. 

How great is that? Of course there are exclusions like any coupon. Can't use it with other coupons. Must have coupon present at time of check out. Excludes 40% off or more and BOGO deals.

So if you have kids who love to get clothing at Rue, here's a great deal to take advantage of. Gotta save where you can. Especially since according to the news parents spends upwards of nearly $700 for back to school necessities and clothing is included. That's totally a no-no in my house. :) SAVE BIG. SPEND SMALL.