Monday, July 29, 2013

Dollar General deals 7/28-8/03

This week there are a few good deals at the DG. Also, this Friday, not Saturday, is the DG$5 off when you spend $25. Plus it's tax free weekend. Whammy. 
Here's the deal though. I don't post every single item that there is a coupon for, so feel free to ask about something if I didn't post it and you want to know if there's a coupon for it. For example, I will not be posting Hamburger Helper. Yes there are coupons available but even after coupons the price is still too high for me to consider it a deal worth getting. 

Tide is actually a fairly decent price this week. It's usually $10 at DG but is on sale for $8.95. Normal price at Walmart is $9.97 so you're already saving $1.02. 
-use $.50/1, $1.50/2 or $3/3 Tide products P&G 7/28
Get 1 for $8.45...that's $0.12 per oz.
Get 2 for $8.20 each...that's $0.11 per oz.
Get 3 for $7.95 each...that's $0.10 per oz.
NONE of these are stock up price when it comes to laundry detergent the goal is to pay about $0.03-$0.04 per ounce. But, if you buy 3 that puts your total before taxes and coupons at $26.85. Make that your one transaction, use the $3/3 Tides plus the store coupon of $5/$25 and your total will come to $6.28 per bottle of tide. That's about $0.08 per ounce which still isn't stock up price but if you are an avid Tide user, that's a rather decent price to pay per bottle!


Era is only 2 pennies more at Wal-mart so that's not a good deal.

The Gain Fireworks are $4.97 @ Walmart and on sale this week for $3.95.
-use $.50/1 or $1.50/2 Gain Fireworks, tide pods, downy RP 7/14 (exp 8/31)
or -use $2/2 Gain detergents or fabric softeners RP 7/14 (exp 8/31)
Get 1 for $3.45
Get 2 for as low as $2.95 each.

Downy Unstopables $3.95 these are $4.97 @ Walmart
-use $.50/1 or $1.50/2 Tide PODS Bags, Downy Unstopables or Gain Fireworks RP 7/14 (exp 8/31)
Get 1 for $3.45
Get 2 for $3.20 each

There is a PROMO running this week.Get a free Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning WYB 3 participating items.

GM Cereals $2.50 each
-use $1/2 Big G cereals (Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Reese's Puffs, Fiber One, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix, Total, Wheaties, Frosted Toast Crunch, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, Dora the Explorer, Hershey's Cookie n Creme) SS 6/23 (exp 8/03)
or -use $1/2 Cheerios cereal
Get two boxes for $4 or $2 each

Motts applesauce has no coupons $2
Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning Juice $2
-use $1/1 Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning Juice
pay just $1 per juice!

Nature Valley Granola Bars or Thins $2.50
-use $.50/1 Nature Valley Granola bars/thins SS 6/23 (exp 8/17)
or -use $.60/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars (sign in/up) 
or -use $.50/2 Nature Valley granola bars
Pay as low as $4.40 or $2.20 each

Here is the best scenario though.  
Buy 4 Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning Juices $2 each
Your total comes to $8
Minus $2 for the B3G1 Free sale
Plus -use 3 $1/1 Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning Juice coupons
Pay just $3 for all 4 juices or just $0.75 each!

I am not sure on the prices of Crayola items but they have a promo right now of BOGO 1/2 off. It may work out. Plus you can use the coupon for $1 off when you buy $5 in Crayola products and save even more. Just note, this week you can PM Crayola 24ct crayons for just $.25 at Walmart, plus their price for 12ct colored pencils is $.97 as well as their 8ct/10ct markers.

Rubbermaid Lunch blox kit is $9 but it's only $7.97 @ Walmart so if you used the $2/1 coupon that was in the paper this past weekend you can get it for way cheaper at Walmart. sorry DG

Swiffer deals are cheaper at Walmart everyday as well.

Herbal Essences body wash $2.50
-use $1/1 Herbal Essences body wash P&G 7/28
Get it for $1.50. I don't know if this is a good price because I can't find it on Walmart or Target site...

Herbal Essence Shampoo or Conditioner with bonus trial body wash $2.50 ($2.97 @ W)
-use Get free conditioner or styling product WYB 1 Shampoo (of equal or lesser value) P&G 7/28
Pay $2.50 for both or just $1.25 each. Great item to create small back stock with!!

Old Spice Deodorant or spray $4
-use B2G1 free old spice deo P&G 7/28
(my suggestion is to buy 2 that are cheaper than the $4 then get the $4 one for free because it says up to $3.99 on the coupon which means you can pay just a penny for the expensive one! just a suggestion)
Get 3 and pay $8 for all or just $2.66 each

Gillette Deodorant $3
-use $2/2 Gillette Anti-Perspirant, Deodorant or Body Wash P&G 7/7 (exp 7/31 tho)
or -use $.50/1 Gillette Anti-Perspirant, Deodorant or Body Wash P&G 7/28
Get two for as low as $2 each

Tampax Radiant or Always infinity 12-18ct 2 for $7
-use $2/1 Tampax Radiant P&G 7/28
-use $2/1 Always infinity P&G 7/28
Pay $1.50 each!! Way awesome deal these go for $4.18 @ W

The rest of the P&G sales are all trying to rob you blind so I would advise to stay away from them. Stores try to feed off people when the new P&G coupons come out because "it obviously must be a good deal if the store is posting it in their flyer". WRONG. It's just a way to hook, line, sink you. Don't fall for the bait. Stick with my blog and you'll be safe not sorry. :)

Leave a comment on my FB if there was something you think I missed. Don't be scared. I love feedback. It helps me be better for you guys and get you the deals I know you are looking for instead of just trying to guess. Please and thank you.