Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Change Your Zip Code on

You don't necessarily have to sign up for in order to get better deals, but there is a positive about creating an account. By creating an account on, you are able to change your zip code. What does that do for you though? It allows you to have access to coupons from other regions that you may not be able to access by just going to the website in general.
When creating an account, you will have nothing to be suspicious about. They don't ask for a credit card number, they don't ask for SS#, they actually don't ask for anything personal except for your name and email address which is required to log in.

As I said, the benefit of creating this account is that you can change your zip code as your leisure and gain access to coupons that may not be available here, but with a zip code from Florida, that coupon for $.50/1 Florida's Natural Orange Juice may be available.
so how do you go about changing this?
Once you sign in, it says "hi, (your name) and has a drop down menu when you hold the arrow over it. Go to that menu and click your profile. Click next to the zip code and choose edit. Change the zip code to 77477 (Texas) and try to find the coupons after that.

 Hope this helps clear things up...and gets you access to some more great coupons! :)