Friday, December 20, 2013

Ibotta Offer: $.50 deposit with purchase of any 12pk cans of soda

Right now, if you have the Ibotta app, (available on smartphones), you can earn $.50 for the purchase of any 12pk of 12oz cans of soda. Offer includes diet, caffeine free and zero calories soda as well as regular.
This offer expires 12/23 and is only valid at retailers they have partnered with. Locally, that includes: Hy-Vee, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens Costco, Sam's Club, 7-11.
So if you purchase a 12pk at any of those locations, you would be able to get the deposit!

There are lots of other offers available right now too!
Just to name a few:
Earn $.50 wyb any Folger's coffee product 3oz+
Earn $1 wyb Eight O' Clock coffee; any bagged variety, any size
Earn $.50 wyb Ghiradelli baking chips; any size, any variety
Earn $.50 wyb McCormick Vanilla extract; any variety 1oz+
Earn $.50 wyb Kellogg's Frosted mini wheats; any variety, 15oz+
Earn $.50 wyb TUMS antacid/calcium supplements; chewable, regular strength, any size
Earn $1 wyb any Pyrex glassware products; any variety, any size

There are dozens of other offers and you can earn more than by just shopping at your local grocers. Now you can earn from certain movie theaters, pet stores, Toys-R-Us, home improvement stores and even restaurants!
Plus, when you sign up now, you have a chance to earn an extra $10 into your Ibotta account, just for trying it. Just click on this link or any other link to learn more about the AWESOME Ibotta app!