Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hy-Vee Shopping Trip

I really needed some ME time, so I told the hubby I was taking my binder and leaving him at home with the kids. He was fine with it. :) 
I headed to LeMars, got his windshield wipers replaced, headed to Wal-Mart to return a gift that was purchased for the kids which we had already, PLUS found some good clearance items for next year's stocking stuffers! :D NOW is the best time to get kids things on sale. Toys go on sale and everything that is considered a stocking stuffer goes on sale. Buy things that aren't going to expire like body wash, lotions, chap-sticks, toys, etc. Get them at half price is a great way to save for next year. I am sure you probably think I'm crazy for getting things for NEXT Christmas when this Christmas was just over 3 days ago, but you can never be "too prepared". 
Bonus...forget about a niece or nephew's birthday, your kids tell you a friend is having a party (tomorrow), then there are no worries about rushing to the store and paying full price. Simply go to the box where you store the toys you bought half priced or cheaper and never fret again!

Oops, I got excited talking about saving money, As I was saying, I went to Hy-Vee next. All I actually probably needed was hamburger buns haha (I guess milk too). But I got the fuel saver coupon from Hy-Vee and felt obligated to spend $50 to receive the $.25 bonus
Since it's hard to see, I think, I will list what I got. 5 boxes of store brand mac and cheese, 4 cans of store brand pumpkin puree, a gallon of milk, to loaves of bread, a package of hamburger buns, 2 chili sauces, salt, 18 cans of tomato sauce, a bag of popped chips (for Ollie), a package of cheese, cheese from the deli, 5 Mitchum deodorants, 2 Gillette deodorants, 2 packages of Gillette razors, ice cream, 7 Chinet 9X13 baking pans and 5 Chinet 8X8 baking pans.
My total came to $53.89. I saved $25.75 with coupons (got all the Chinet pans free, the razors and deodorant too!) and then received an Ibotta deposit of $2.
After coupons and Ibotta, I paid just $26.14 for all this stuff, which is like $0.44 per item (I bought 59 things). It's almost a 50% savings today!

Don't forget to go to the LeMars Hy-Vee facebook page and grab your coupon for the $0.25 fuel saver. Just hit the "we love our friends" tab to get the coupon. You must like them of course! Hurry though, the offer isn't there for very long.