Monday, December 16, 2013

Dollar General $5/$25 Store Coupon valid 12/21 ONLY

If you missed the coupon this past Saturday, no worries. On the 21st, Dollar General will be running the sale again. The store coupon is $5 off a $25 purchase (pre-tax).

  • The $25 limit is calculated before taxes. (pre-tax)
  • To reach $25, you just have to add the shelf tag prices of everything up. (ex. $10 for 3 boxes of cookies,+ $12 for a toy and + $3.50 for make-up. = $25.50 which is valid for the coupon)
  • Use the store coupon before any MQ or you will not qualify for the $5 discount.
  • You cannot use any other store coupons when using the $5/$25 coupon.
  • This coupon will only be valid on 12/21. ,

Doesn't hurt to have the coupon policy on hand either.