Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Reader's Target PM deal

Yesterday, a reader went to Target and was determined to purchase this product with a cheaper price than $44.99. So what did she do? She searched Amazon's website and found the exact product for cheaper. How much cheaper? On the site it was priced at $15.99! So, with phone in hand, she headed to her local Target, found the product on the shelf, took it up to Customer Service and showed them the price on her phone. To verify, they then took out their tablet and searched the product as well, finding it still listed at $15.99. Her savings was a total of 64% on a toy she knew she wanted anyway and she told me, "The lady was shocked it was that cheap but I had no problems. It was in Sioux city. I used my red card too for 5% off."
After the discount she only paid $15.20 for this toy and will have all the joy of knowing she got something for her child at over half the price of retail value. 

P.S. If you plan on doing this deal and were lucky enough to print off the coupon that had been on quite some time ago, you could save another $5 on the toy spending just $10.99!

Have you had any great trips involving PMing? Scored some gifts for your kids at a fraction of the cost? I would love to share them with everyone else and show off your crazy couponing skills too!