Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sheldon Fareway 5 hour sale ~TODAY ONLY~ NLA

Sadly, I do not receive my Shopper very often at this point, so I almost missed out on posting these great deals. Luckily I have a great friend and some helpful/loyal followers who would never let me miss a beat. :)
These deals are available at the Sheldon Fareway today only, 11/21/2013, from 4 P.M. until 9 P.M.. As far as I know, as long as you have a paper copy of this ad, you are at the store during the hours of the sale, and the products you are purchasing match exactly what is on sale at the other Fareway, you should be able to price match it anywhere really. I'm listing everything, some might not be the best sales, but this ad isn't so big that I can't.

Fresh cut pineapple $1.99/lb

Land O Lakes Sour Cream 16oz $.99-stock up price is $.89 but this is really close!!

Store brand sundae cones 6ct $2each

Palermos breakfast pizza $3.99-not sure if this is a good price?

Store brand gallon milk skim, 1%, 2% $2.77-GREAT PRICE

Diet or regular 7-up 24ct cans $2.99 w/ coupon on package!! LIMIT 2-STOCK THE HECK UP!!!

Keebler Toasted crackers 2/$3 w/ coupon on package!! GREAT PRICE
Nabisco Cheese nips 8oz box $.88-->your (grand)kids will love you!

Bud Light Cranbarita 12pk cans $9.99
Budweiser Project 12 12pk bottles $9.99

John Morell whole bone-in ham $1.89/lb

Oscar Mayer bacon 16oz $3.69-not stock up price
Deli cheese $3.99/lb--:/
Tyson cooked bacon $2.50 each
Jenny-O pan turkey [dark or white] $3.99-->I don't know if there's a stock up price on these but this is a pretty good price on them and they're convenient

Wimmer's lil smokies 10lb box $28.50-->you'll be set until the Superbowl!
 10lb tube of 85% lean ground beef $2.39/lb-->LOWEST I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN THIS!!!!!!

Store brand turkey $.65/lb w/ $100 purchase
Whole beef short loin $5.49/lb 20lb average-->requested to call in advance