Sunday, November 17, 2013

Name Brand VS. Store Brand

I don't think that no matter what, you should always buy name brand products. In all actuality, name brand and store brand are EXACTLY the same, you are just paying for the manufacturer's pretty logo to be on the front.

Take a look at this ad from the DG flyer this week. They are comparing the exact same product...laundry PODS 14ct. The difference? Store brand is $1 cheaper. The obvious choice is to get the store brand then right?

But, there is currently a coupon available from the  RP 10/13 insert for $1.50/1 Tide PODS. After subtracting the coupon from the Tide PODS price, you now can actually get a 14ct bag of laundry PODS for just $3. That's $.50 cheaper than even the Store Brand!
I don't hate Store Brand. I don't hate Name Brand.  They're the same. What I buy depends on the total price after coupons. Sometimes Store Brand wins and sometimes Name Brand does.