Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hy-Vee Corporate Ad Match 11/20-11/26

Ritz Crackers or crackerfuls or Nabisco snack crackers $2 each--Store coupon for 2/$3 on Ritz items @ Fareway OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
-use $1/3 Nabisco crackers product SS 11/10 (x 12/31)
Pay $1.66 per box after coupon wyb 3

Heinz Homestyle gravy 12oz $.97-->Only $.88 at Fareway OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
-use $1/5 heinz gravy printable
-use $1/5 heinz gravy printable (another link)
Pay just $0.77 each wyb 5

Store coupon-get a FREE Turkey (12-14lb) wyb 1 Hormel Cure 81 Ham at $3.49/lb
-use $2/1 Hormel cure 81 ham SS 11/10 (x 1/06)
-use $2/1 Hormel cure 81 boneless ham printable
-use $2/1 Hormel Cure 81 boneless ham printable (another link)
I am not sure final cost but it'll be $2 cheaper with this coupon :) Plus a FREE turkey! WIN!!

Birds eye frozen vegetables 10-16oz $0.77 each GREAT PRICE!!!
Store brand pumpkin puree $.88 NOT BAD

Chex cereals $1.66 each
-use $1/2 Chex cereals printable
-use $1.10/2 chex cereals printable (sign in/up)
ALSO-$1/2 Chex cereals Hy-Vee digital coupon
Get two boxes as low as $1.11 each

Store brand butter 1lb $1.68 STOCK UP PRICE-->$1.48 @ Fareway OC, Sheldon, Sioux center

French's Fried onions 6oz $2.88
-use $.50/1 French's fried onions SS 11/03 (x 1/15)
-use $.30/1 French's fried onions printable (sign in/up)
-use $.50/1 French's fried onions printable (another link)
Pay as low as $2.38

Store brand canned pineapple 20oz $0.88!

Betty Crocker boxed potatoes $1 each
-use $.50/2 Betty Crocker potatoes hy-vee digital coupon
-use $.50/2 Betty Crocker potatoes SS 11/17 (x 1/11)
-use $.50/2 Betty Crocker potatoes printable
Get 2 boxes for $.75 each

PAGE 2 & 3
Store brand green beans or corn $0.29 each!!! LIMIT 4 stock up price!

Dole Celery $.58 each GREAT PRICE
Store brand sugar 4lb $1.48-->not the best price but it's okay
Store coupon-Cool Whip $.69!
Store brand graham cracker crust $1.18--Decent price
Sweet potatoes $0.49/lb!!

Reynold's oven bags 2ct turkey size or 5ct Large size $1.99
-use $.50/1 Reynold's Oven bags 2ct or 5ct SS 11/17 (x 12/31)
-use $.75/1 Reynold's oven bags 5ct printable
-use $.75/1 Reynold's oven bags 5ct printable PAGE 5 (another link)
Get a 5ct box for $1.24!!

C&H light brown, dark brown or powdered sugar 2lb $1.77
-use $.75/2 C&H sugar product 2lb+ RP 11/03 (x 1/04)
Pay $1.39 per bag after coupon wyb 2

Kraft marshmallows 10oz $1-->not stock up price but low for Kraft!

PAGE 4 & 5
Store brand shredded cheese 8oz $1.88-->a little above stock up price but okay if needed

Farmland bacon 16oz $3.99
-use $1/2 Farmland bacon SS 10/06 (x 1/31)
Pay $6.98 for 2 packages or $2.49 each

PAGE 6 & 7
Store Coupon-save $3 instantly wyb $15 of participating items

Swanson stock or broth 26-32oz $1.98
-use $2/4 Swanson stock printable
Pay $1.48 each wyb 4

Campbell's condensed soups cream of mushroom and cream of Chicken $.75 each
-use $.40/4 Campbell's cream of mushroom SS 10/06 (x 11/30)
-use $.40/3 Campbell's condensed soups SS 10/06 (x 11/30)
-use $1/5 Campbell's condensed soups printable
Pay just $.55 each if you use the printable

V8 juice 46oz $2.50 each
-use $1/2 V8 100% juice printable
-use $1/2 V8 100% juice printable (another link)
-use Ibotta offer for $.50 back wyb 1 V8 juice 32oz+ (can only redeem 1 time)
Pay $4 for two plus get $.50 back with app so like paying $3.50 for 2 $1.75 each!

Swanson broth cans $.66 each
-use $.40/5 Swanson broth cans  SS 11/03 (x 1/15)
-use $1/4 cans Swanson broth printable 
Pay as low as $.41 each with printable!!

Transaction Idea
Buy 4 cans Swanson broth $2.64
Buy 2 V8 juice $5
Buy 4 Swanson stock $7.92
Totals for all 10 items is $15.56
-use the Store coupon $3/$15 purchase-->HAND TO CASHIER FIRST!!!
-use printable Swanson cans broth $1/4
-use printable V8 juice $1/2 
-use printable Swanson stock $2/4
Pay $8.56 for everything, plus submit Ibotta deposit for $.50 on V8 juice, like paying $8.06 for all of it!!

Store coupon Save $5 wyb $25 of participating Smuckers products-->not a good deal, no good sales on these products to make it worth spending $25, won't be able to use many coupons to knock the price down very low.

Folgers coffee 22.6-34.5oz $6.99
-use $.25/1 Folgers product RP 11/03 (x 12/15)
-use Ibotta offer $.50 back wyb any Folgers coffee (x 11/21 at 12:59am)
Pay$6.24 or  $0.18 per ounce after Ibotta and coupon wyb 34.5oz canister

Mrs. Smith pie $4 each
-use $1/1 Mrs. Smith pie SS 11/17 (x 12/13)
Pay just $3 per pie!

Huggies wipes 320-400ct $8.99
-use $.50/1 Huggies wipes SS 11/17 (x 12/14)
-use $1.50/1 Huggies wipes 300ct+ printable (sign in/up)
Pay as low as $7.49 just $0.02 per wipe!!! STOCK UP PRICE
PAGE 12 & 13
Hot pockets or lean pockets $2

Country crock spread 45oz tub $3.28
-use $.40/1 shedd's spread country crock product RP 11/17 (x 12/15)
-use $.75/1 country crock printable
-use $.30/1 Shedd's country crock spread hy-vee digital coupon
Pay as low as $2.53 if you use the printable!!

Energizer batteries 8ct AA or AAA $4 each--earn $8 in bunny rewards wyb 2 packages (must buy 2 to receive the offer) LIMIT 4 REBATES per household
-use $1/1 Energizer batteries (no restrictions) printable
-use $1/1 Energizer batteries hy-vee digital coupon
Pay $6 for 2 packages and get $8 back from rebate!! MM (MONEY MAKER)

Charmin toilet paper 9 big rolls ultra soft or ultra strong $3.99
-use $.25/1 Charmin product P&G 10/27
Pay $3.74--Not stock up price but only a few cents above

Angel soft toilet paper 12dble rolls $5.77
-use $.45/1 angel soft bath tissue RP 11/17 (x 12/17)
-use $.25/1 angel soft bath tissue printable
-use $.55/1 Angel soft item 4dbl roll+ printable (facebook)
Pay as low as $5.22 or just $.22 per roll!! STOCK UP PRICE

Xtra laundry detergent 75oz $2 each STOCK UP PRICE $0.03 per ounce
Store brand toilet paper 18dbl rolls $8.98 $0.25 per roll HIGH END OF STOCK UP PRICE

Vanity Fair napkins $2 each
-use $1/2 Vanity fair napkins or guest hand towels RP 11/17 (x 12/31)
-use $1/2 vanity fair napkins printable
-use $1/2 vanity fair napkins hy-vee digital coupon
Pay $3 for 2 packages of napkins

Friskies wet can food $.45 per can
-use $1/24 5.5oz cans SS 9/08 (x 12.08)
Pay $9.8 for 24 cans or $.41 each

Baby carrots 16oz package $.88 GREAT PRICE