Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fareway Ad Match 11/13-11/18

Store brand cheese [shredded or chunk] 8oz $1.66 --OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sioux City
Land O Lakes cottage cheese 22oz $1.88 GREAT PRICE--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
Land o Lakes cottage cheese 22oz $1.44 STOCK UP!! --Sioux City
Store brand orange juice 1/2 gallon $1.99 Decent Price--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
Imperial Margarine sticks 1lb $.59 GREAT PRICE [$.50 @ Hy-Vee]--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars, Sioux City
Store brand shredded or chunk cheese $1.49--LeMars

Blue Bunny premium ice cream 56oz $2.99--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sioux City
-use $.75/1 Premium ice cream 1.75qt printable (sign in/up)
Pay $2.24 for a container

Hot pockets or lean pockets $2 each--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
-use B2G1 FREE printable (facebook)
Get 3 boxes for $4 or just $1.33 per box

Store brand vegetable blends 14-16oz $.99--LeMars, Sioux City

Dole pinapple in juice 20oz $.99 Very decent price!--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars, Sioux city
-use $.50/2 Dole canned pineapple printable
Get 2 cans for $1.48

Mrs. Grimes chili and kidney beans 20oz $.99--Lemars

Skippy peanut butter $1.99--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
-use $.55/1 Skippy PB printable 
Pay $1.44 for a jar!

Store brand hamburger helper $.77 --OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sioux City
Store brand English muffins 6ct $.99--LeMars, Sioux city

Crystal pure cane sugar 4lb bag $1.99 Almost lowest it gets--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars
Crystal pure cane sugar 4lb $1.88--Sioux City
Crystal brown sugar/powdered sugar 2lb $1.49--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars
Crystal Brown sugar/powdered sugar $1.38--Sioux city
Store coupon-store brand 5lb flour $.99--LeMars
Hershey baking chips 12oz $1.97--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
Hershey baking chips $1.88-LeMars
-use $1/2 Hershey baking chips SS 11/10 (x 12/31)
-use $1/3 Hershey baking chips printable
Pay $2.94 for 2 bags in OC, Sheldon, Sioux center or $2.76 for 2 in LeMars

Store brand whipped cream tub 8oz $.88 --OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
Store brand whipped cream tub 8oz $.77--LeMars

Doritos $2 each --OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars

fiora bath tissue 12 rolls or paper towels 8 rolls $4.44 each--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
-use $.50/1 Fiora bath tissue or paper towels RP 10/27 (x 11/30)
-use $.50/1 Fiora Bath tissue or paper towels printable (facebook)
Pay $3.94 for either package $0.32 per TP roll (unless they're double rolls then it's just $0.16!!!) and $.49 per paper towel roll

Xtra laundry detergent 75oz $1.99 [$0.02 per ounce!]-- OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, LeMars, sioux City

Quilted Northern 12dbl roll $6.88--LeMars
-use $.75/1 quilted northern printable (facebook)
Pay $6.13 or $.26 per roll--Higher end of stock up price

Store coupon-store brand tomato juice $.99 LIMIT 1 (GREAT PRICE)--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
7-up, RC, Diet Rite,Sunkist 2Liter $.88--Sioux City

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.69/lb STOCK UP!!! --OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Lemars
Cure 81 ham $2.49/lb--Sioux City
-use $2/1 Hormel cure 81 ham SS 11/10 (x 1/06)
-use $2/1 Hormel cure 81 boneless ham printable
-use $2/1 Hormel Cure 81 boneless ham printable (another link)
Final price depends on size of ham (can get a FREE turkey with purchase at Hy-Vee though)

Bartlett pears $.88/lb--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sioux City
Dole baby carrots 1lb bag $.97--OC, Sioux Center, Sheldon
Dole lettuce head $.88--LeMars
Gala apples $.88/lb--LeMars
Green peppers $.33 each--LeMars
Cucumbers $.50 each--LeMars, Sioux City
Yellow onion 3lb bag $1.50 STOCK UP PRICE--LeMars