Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bring Ibotta to Fareway!!!

I messaged Ibotta requesting they put Fareway on their list of participating retailers, and this is the response I received back.


Thank you for your interest in having Ibotta work at your favorite retailer. There are several steps you can take to help make this happen. To get your retailer on board, please post on the retailer's Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. and let them know you would like Ibotta to work there.

Make sure to tell your friends to do the same! You can also call, email and write them too. The more people they hear from, the better the chance that Ibotta will work there, and sooner! Please tell the retailer they can write us at

Have a nice day!
What does this mean? Everyone get to it and start telling Fareway you want Ibotta because it's an awesome app and you already shop at Fareway and having more incentive to shop there is just fantastic. That you love the app and you love their store and put the two together and it's a match made in heaven. You get my drift. :)
I already posted on Fareway Food Stores' facebook page. Here is what I wrote. 
You can do this too! The more people who comment, hopefully the more motivated Fareway will be to get involved with Ibotta too!!!