Saturday, October 26, 2013

Understanding the use of two coupons at one time

I want to address this because at least once a week I am asked by someone if you can use two coupons on the same product. 

Alright, if you have two coupons, and both say manufacturer's coupon on the top of it, or anywhere on the coupon, you cannot use both of those coupons. Why? Both coupons are released by the manufacturer and are for the exact same product so using them both on the purchase of only 1 item is considered fraud. 
Now when I say fraud what do I mean? I mean that if you intentionally use two coupons for the same product and are only purchasing one product, you are illegally using coupons. Why is this a big deal though? By committing coupon fraud, you are causing the stores to lose money. In return for them being screwed over, they will begin to crack down on the use of coupons at their location. 
So say for example, you always go to Wal-Mart and somehow manage to weasel in two of the same coupon but only purchase one product, (which probably would never happen because their register will beep if the coupon does not match a product) the store can say, well we are no longer accepting coupons because too many customers were basically "stealing" merchandise from us. 

My suggestion, would be to use the higher valued coupon. If you have a coupon for $5 off 1 product and a coupon for $3/1 product, use the $5 to get more savings. Also, just because the self checkout accepts coupons, and according to someone who took my class, will accept two coupons for the same product; DON'T DO IT. That's still FRUAD. 

Here's a different scenario though. Let's say you have two coupons and one says manufacturer's but the other one says store. In this case, you are completely safe in using both coupons, which is referred to as the term "stacking coupons." By stacking, you are taking advantage of the store coupon along with a MQ and getting more savings. Why is it okay to stack coupons but not use two MQ? Well the store coupon that is released is not distributed by any manufacturer, but is a deal that the store has decided to give to their customers. This is a great opportunity to maximize your savings. 

In conclusion. You have two coupons. If they're both MQ, choose the higher value one or purchase two items in order to use the two coupons. If one is a store coupon and one is a MQ, you're golden. Sit back and get ready to save big. :)

If there is still some confusion about this particular subject, feel free to ask questions so I may be able to clarify a bit more. Thank you.