Monday, October 21, 2013

The Crazy Coupon Lady of OC's Wal-Mart Trip 10/21

Tonight I went to Wal-Mart because I had a lot of coupons to use and had some things our household needed. Whatever we didn't need or couldn't use will be going to donation. :)

Here's the breakdown. I bought...

35 boxes of the 10ct Gas-X that was priced at $2.44. (I ordered these through the pharmacy)
-used 7 $10/3 Gas-X products from SS 10/13 (x 12/31)
-used 7 $5/2 Gas-X products from SS 10/13 (x 12/31)
My total came to $19.60 in overage on this.

I purchased two different Tresemme products that are usually priced at $4.48 but this week Lewis Drug had them on sale for just $3 each bottle. It didn't exclude any particular one, only stated that it had to be a specific size.
-used 2 $2.50/1 Tresemme specialty products  RP 9/29 (x 10/27)
-used $1.50 off 1 8oz bottle of Keratin Smooth heat production shine spray Ibotta deposit
-used$1.25 off 1 8oz bottle of Platinum Strength heat protection spray Ibotta deposit
After coupons and Ibotta deposit I will actually have made $1.75 by purchasing both of these. Also, I saved $2.96 by price matching these too!

3 Advil PM travel size boxes 4ct $.97
-used $1/1 Advil PM product RP 10/13 (x 12/12)
Made $0.09 on all 3

Lindt chocolate bars 4.4oz price matched to Walgreens at $2 each normally $2.23
-used 2 $2/1  Lindt chocolate bars 3.5oz+ printable
(Also, found another link FB page. Like them and then watch a video and get access to a $2/1 Lindt chocolate bars 3.5oz+ coupon as well!!
Got 2 Chocolate bars totally FREE. :) Plus saved an extra $.46!!

Purchased 1 Reach Floss $.97
-used $1/1 Listerine, Reach, Rembrandt whitening rinse, smart rinse, pocketpaks or pocket mist, reach floss or Rembrandt product LIMIT 1 SS 10/06 (x 11/03) got to read that fine print :)
Got it for FREE and $0.03 overage!

LA Looks hair gel $1.94
-used 2 $.75/1 LA Looks full sized hair product printable
Paid $2.38 for both bottles

2 6ct Take & Toss bowls priced at $2.98 each
-used $2/2 Take & Toss products printable
Paid $3.98 for both packages or just $0.33 per bowl. Not Bad :)

I price matched the milk to Lewis Drug as well who has 1/2 gallons on sale just $1.39 each regular $2.20 at Wal-Mart so although I had no coupon I still saved $1.62!

We were starting to run low on dish soap so I paid full price for a bottle of Dawn $2.50
-use $.25/1 Dawn dish soap P&G 9/29
Paid $2.25...eww.

Our other bottle brush is on the verge of breaking, that was $2

Got 2 body poufs $1 each

How much did I spend?!

Before coupons and price matches but with taxes, my total would have come to $129.09. NO WAY WOULD I EVERY PAY THAT MUCH! ever.

After coupons and price matching as well as taxes added on I handed Wal-Mart $4.74!
If taxes had not been involved in this transaction (yeah right) I would have been paid $3.35 by the store.

My total was a 96% savings. Here's you're motivation for the week everyone. <3 You can do it. I have faith in you. 
   Had just $105 in Gas-X coupons         Reach coupon and match up