Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scott Paper Towels...a deal to be had

A great way to get coupons is to like a company's Facebook page or go to their direct website and sign up for their newsletter. Now you're probably thinking, "ugh, if I sign up for a newsletter from every company that I like, my inbox will be blown up!" Well you're right. I have a suggestion though. Make an alternate email. This email will be simply for signing up for the great discounts and the newsletters. You'll still get all the valuable information you want, but you can check it at your convenience and not have your smart phone be blown up with email after email that's not as important as a message from your boss.
With that being said, I just received an email from Scott. There is that great deal on paper towels at the Sioux Center Hy-Vee the 17th-20th and this coupon is a whole $1 off 6ct+ Scott paper towel package!
By using the coupon they provide, you can get a package of paper towels for just $1.99! $.33 per roll!!!!!