Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My grocery store trip

Yesterday I went to Hyvee in Le Mars. There were some big things on my list, baby wipes and diapers being the spendiest, but Hyvee had a decent sale that ended on the 8th so I figured I might as well get them. Alright so I did two transactions. Basically because my coupons had limits but I wanted to use multiples. I wanted to get the pampers diapers that were $29.99 but they were out so I spoke with a manager and we could replace the huggies for the pampers. Score I prefer huggies! I finally got everything on my list, snickers candy bars and a gallon of milk included from their coupon mailer.
My first transaction was the diapers, snickers, store brand chocolate chips and 8 dial for men foam body wash which they had on sale 2/$1.
My second transaction was a gallon of milk, huggies wipes, store brand chocolate chips, bob's red mill all purpose gf flour, bob's red mill cinnamon raisin bread gf and 8 more dial for men foam body washes.
My total would have come out to $73, but after coupons and substitutes I paid a mere $41.57 and saved $31.43! That's 43%. And I filled my donate box with all the body washes :)
Good tip, always remember to speak up. Dont just go to a shelf and get all down because they're out of the product you were looking for. Either ask for a rain check or do what I did, which was true, tell them you need diapers desperately and you can't afford to wait for a raincheck. They dont want to lose a customer to another store, just saying.  ;)