Thursday, October 10, 2013

Going to Hyvee during their 2 day sale

Alright. So, there were two basic things that I wanted from this two day sale, well actually I really want bananas too but I can price match those at Fareway here in town, so that's fine that I forgot them. I really was going for the laundry detergent as well as the coffee. Also, by going to LeMars, I got a bonus package of Thomas english muffins for FREE with each canister I purchased.
I'm going to show you something even more fantastic though that made my trip much better. I never posted about a certain coupon to use with the coffee until I tried it for myself because I didn't want everyone to be ubber upset if they went to the store and this coupon hadn't worked. But it did, so life is fantastic. :)

Here we go. I bought 8 bottles of era 50 laundry detergent. They had 3 different kinds to choose form including the free one, which I think is like for people with allergies or who hate good smelling detergent. ;) Only joking, everyone has their own preference, who am I to judge? No mother Theresa myself. Any who, the Era had a kicker, for every 4 that you purchased, you earned $.05 on the Fuel Saver, so by purchasing 8 bottles I earned $.40 on my card today!
Then I got the Maxwell House coffee and specifically went to LeMars because their ad said you would get FREE english muffins along with the purchase and me and FREE go together like two peas in a pod. I was going to say PB&J but some people don't like that. Maybe PB and bananas, or PB and marshmallow cream. Well now I'm getting hungry and off track. Sorry!!!

I used the $2/2 Era coupon that I posted about and then I wanted to try this coupon that I had for Maxwell house International. This coffee doesn't say international on it, that's why I was leery to post the coupon. The cashier scanned it though, and it worked!

This coupon was in SS 9/15 and expires in just 2 days!!!
If you don't have this particular insert, here is a link to a slightly lower valued coupon, but savings are savings! Right?!
save $.75/1 Maxwell House International Coffee printable
If you are in OC, at Fareway, I am going to coupon fairy these, so make sure to take your HyVee ad along with you today/tomorrow just in case you are one of the lucky ones to get my coupons :D.

Just take a look at my laundry detergent back stock. I won't need to buy any for a while, yay. I have two 150 oz bottles of purex, one 50 oz bottle of purex, one 50 oz bottle of All and now my eight bottles of 50oz Era. Anyone else have a beautiful back stock of detergent? NO?!?! Get started. Having a back stock means you don't have to run to the store and pay full price for something because you will never run out. Seriously. You know how much I spent on all of those detergents? My grand total comes to about $20 for all of those. Retail value $56. I won't be buying detergent for probably at least, AT LEAST, 2 years, if not longer. That's a $56+ expense that I don't have to worry about for at least 2 years, money that could go into the savings account. Don't waste time paying full price anymore, come on people!!