Tuesday, October 22, 2013

~FREEBIE~ Flash Give Away tonight at 9 PM! NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Here's something you may have never done before. It's something called a "flash give away". What is it? Well, basically, you sit at your computer 5 minutes to 9 and make sure you have everything you need done in order to meet the requirements, then sit there and refresh the page continuously as you count down the seconds until 9 o'clock. Then once it hits 9, the site gets swamped with tens of thousands of people all wanting something FREE all at once, and you hope ad pray that you're one of the lucky 200 who happened to click first.
Want to see what you'll be fighing a vicious cyber mob over? These cute little 4 piece set square coasters pre-priced at $7.99/set. Go here and make sure you have their company liked on Facebook and any other FB obligations they may request of you, then sit back and get ready to put your mouse pointer and refresh button to good work!
9 PM...DON'T FORGET. There are only 200 FREEBIES and they could be gone in one re-load of their page. Flash sales are gone in a snap! Good luck!!! NLA

4 pcs/set Square Coaster Cup Mat