Sunday, October 20, 2013

A totally FREE product with a coupon from the insert today!

I am sitting here looking at all my coupons and I came across this one and got a little giddy.
This coupon is telling you that you can buy both of these products, follow the mail in rebate instructions as listed, and viola, two free products! Your time frame to purchase these products is between today 10/20-11/16. 

The cool thing is, if you buy these and use coupons on them, you will still most likely get the retail value of the product back. My suggestion though is to not go to a store like Hy-Vee which lists all the coupons underneath each product as they ring up.

I personally don't think this is stealing, but if you feel that way, don't use a MQ when purchasing the product. Either way, you'll get it free. :)

BTW. I found this coupon in my Des Moines Register only. Also, it's one rebate per household.