Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A reader's trip to the Hy-Vee 2 day sale.

I know the 2 day sale was like almost a week ago, but I just remembered that one of my dedicated deal finder and follower had sent me a PM with her information regarding the great deals she was able to score at Hy-Vee during the sale as well. She went to LeMars Hy-vee and here is the breakdown of what she got.

Coffee-mate creamer 32oz $2.38--used a coupon for $.55/1
Yo-plait Greek yogurt $.80 each--used coupon for $1/5
Jacks pizza $1.99 each
Store brand butter $.99 with mail flyer coupon
Store brand sugar $.99 with mail flyer coupon
Era detergent 4/$9 during the 2 day sale--used $2/2 coupons and was able to get 8/$10
Bananas $.28/lb during the 2 day sale
Malt-o-Meal berry colossal crunch cereal  store sale $.99 each
Dial speed foam body wash $1 each--after coupons got 10 bottles for $2 total

Her total before coupons was around $53. After coupons she spend $31 plus earned $1 on her fuel saver card!
Fantastic shopping. It may have not been free but it's $23 she might not have saved a year ago. :)

I really enjoy hearing about the deals all of you are able to score and I love to share them with others too. Don't be afraid to private message me, that's what this reader did. I don't blurt names or discriminate or anything. A deal is a deal, no matter if you're black or white or short or tall or fat or skinny. No matter what, we all love saving money and hearing about how others in our area were able to manage it as well, because that makes it feel like it is in our grasps instead of all those fake deals on the TV show. This is real life, nothing can be rigged to work just the way we want it to.