Thursday, September 26, 2013

Organic Food Coupons

Goodness me, if I would have come across these coupons even a week ago, I may not have given them a second glance. Today though, I am searching high and low for coupons that help make it cheaper for anyone who has allergies or Celiacs or any other food complications that require specific (expensive) foods. I apologize that I was so heartless towards all of you who do use these products but thankful that I will now be able to share the deals with everyone as I now must take advantage of them also.
I am not sure as to the availability of some of these products in our area, but it's worth having the coupon, just in case.

$1/1 Udi's gluten free bread
$.55/1 Nature's harvest bread
$1/1 Rudi's gluten free bakery product
$1/1 Rudi's organic bakery product
$1/1 Roman meal bread
$1/1 Franz organic bread

$.50/1 Honest Kids product
$.50/1 Annie's Homegrown snacks
$.50/1 Stonyfield yokids organic yogurt
$.55/2 starkist tuna pouches