Thursday, September 26, 2013

HyVee Corporate Ad Sept 25-Oct 1

PAGE 2 & 3--Anything listed on this page is $1...most aren't good deals due to the fact that they usually are always a dollar....

Barilla pasta 12-16oz $1
-use $.55/2 barilla pasta SS 9/08 (x 11/02)
Get 2 for $1.45

Hormel premium chicken breast 5oz $1
-use $1/2 premium chicken breast SS 9/08 (x 10/28)
-use $1/2 premium chicken breast printable
Get 2 for $1

PAGE 4 & 5--over-priced fruits and veggies this week

PAGE 8 & 9--I don't know hyvee meat prices so it's hard for me to know a good deal there-Fareway meat tastes fresher anyway

PAGE 10 & 11--store coupons-no MQ available for items and everything is marked ridiculously
Mac and cheese is $.50 each, use coupon must buy 2 to get deal---store brand tends to run $.48 no coupons needed
Cream cheese is $1.50 each WYB 2--can get store brand as low as $.99
I've seen the 2# velveeta as low as $2.99.
The OM deli fresh meat is a good price...if you want 5 of them.
The coffee is a fairly decent price...fairly decent.
The bacon is outrageously overpriced.
There are other brands of hot dogs on sale this week for less than $1.

PAGE 12 & 13--The fuel saver page. Although you get "fuel savers" on these items, you are not saving any money in the grocery store. All of these item's are either the everyday price or just pennies or nickles off  a dollar.

Maxwell house international $2.50 each
-use $1/1 maxwell house international SS 9/15 (x 10/12)
Pay $1.50 for each

PAGE 16 & 17
Store coupon 5 Free vitamin waters WYB 10/$10--$.66 each
Store brand baking chips are marked at $1.77--Fareway in OC, Sheldon, Sioux Center, has sale for $1.25 each WYB 4
Store brand brown sugar 2# bag $1.48

PAGE 18 & 19
Oscar mayer meat bologna or cotto slalami 14-16oz $1

PAGE 20 & 21
Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes or sauce 14.5-15oz $1.50
-use $.50/1 Muir Glen tomatoes printable (facebook)
Pay $1 per can...or can your own tomatoes and know that there's no additives in them that way

PAGE 22 & 23
Angel Soft 12 reg or 6dbl $3.99
-use $.25/1 bathroom tissue printable
-use $.55/1 bathroom tissue 4roll+ printable (facebook)
pay $3.44 for 12 rolls--not the cheapest but not the most expensive

PAGE 24 
campbell's homestyle soup 15.3-18.8oz $1.25
-use $.50/2 homestyle soups SS 9/15 (x 11/10)
-use $.75/2 homestyle soups printable
-use $.75/2 homestyle soups printable (another link)
Pay as low as $.88 per can

Eggo waffles $2
-use $1/2 eggo waffles RP 8/04 (x 9/29)
-use $1/3 eggo waffles printable
pay $1.50 per box

Campbell's chunky soups $1.25 each
-use $.50/3 chunky soups printable
-use $.50/2 chunky soups printable (another link)
-use $.50/2 chunky soups SS 9/08 (x 10/31)
Pay $1 per can

Store coupon doritos or ruffles $2 each-must buy 3 to get deal

Kraft cheese $1.66 each must buy 3 to get deal 3/$5 [shredded, chunks, crumbles, cracker cuts, cubes or fresh takes 5-8oz]

Kellogg's cereals [rice krispies, corn flakes, froot loops, frosted flakes, smorz or scooby doo] $2.50
-use $1/3 froot loops or frosted flakes printable
-use $.50/1 scooby doo cereals printable (must sign up/in)
Get a box for $2--not a good deal