Friday, August 23, 2013

Sunday Coupon Heads up

There are some good coupons that will be in the paper this Sunday. I know I posted the preview but I want to let you know some specifics to look for good deals to score when I release the Sunday Coupon Review that morning.

In the Red Plum
Wet n Wild/Fergie $1/1 product (9/7)--->There is Wet n Wild nail polish at Wal-Mart for $.93 each so this will give overage. I got these coupons last year and they made great stocking stuffers for the girls. They'd also be great gifts to give when a "girl" friend has a b-day party.

Heinz $.25/1 ketchup (10/6) DND-->There are mini ones by the deli at Wal-Mart that are only $.60, so after coupon you could pay $.35 each! These are great for like camping or for people who carry condiments where ever you go.

Knorr $.35/1 7.9oz granulated bouillon or cubes 8ct (9/22) DND--I don't know what the price is for these but you can get a jar and what's really great about the bouillon is that if you are out of a can of chicken or beef broth, you, it takes 2 TBSP I believe, mixed with water to make broth in a jiffy.

Suave Kids $.50/2 products (9/22) ETS-->I know it's only a quarter off each bottle but these is the only brand I can use for my kids and just because you get the coupon doesn't mean you have to go out that day and use the coupon. Wait for a great PM deal.

in the Smartsource
Dole $1/1 fruit smoothie shakers (10/26)-->These are $1.50 at Wal-mart so after coupon just pay $.50.

Maruchan $.50/1 bowl or yakisoba (10/20)-->There is a noodle bowl that goes for around $.75 so after coupon pay as low as a quarter or less!!

Mt. Olive $.75/1 pickles, peppers or relish product (9/29)-->Pickle chips at Wal-Mart are $1.50 so after coupon pay just $.75. Or wait for a deal!

Playtex $1/1 Gentle Glide 360 tampons or sport tampons 14ct+ (10/6) 2 coupons-->There have been lots of stores having these on sale lately so stock up on this coupon if you know you'll eventually have teenagers and you still have a monthly visitor as well. It's not like they'll go bad!

Remember, if you have a low value coupon, but you need something, look for the SMALLEST SIZE available. As long as there is no specifications about size on the coupon you can do it. Buy 3 or 4 small ones if you usually buy 1 big one. It's better to pay less for all 4 small ones then too much for 1 big one of something.