Sunday, August 25, 2013

School Supply match up list 8/25

These deals will be valid until 8/31 at 11:59 P.M. I'm surprised at how many deals there still are, but just make sure even though your kids are in school, that you go ahead and look at their list for the next couple years. Don't get everything on the list, just get the things you can match with a deal to get the best price for. Example: folders just a penny. All kids need folders, so buy a few, they're just a penny!! It's not hoarding, it's being prepared. Who knows if by the time it's school supply shopping time next year, that finances will be stable. What if the economy crashes and everyone loses their high paying jobs and goes to min. wage? School supplies will seem like a fortune and harder to purchase so do it now, while you know you have the money.

1inch, 1.5inch or 3inch 3-ring Poly binder $.25 @ Office Max
Paper Folders $.01 @ Office Max AND Staples
BIC Brite liner assorted pen style highlighters 5ct $.75 @ Office Max ($1.97)
Memorex 16x DVD+R/DVD-R 100pk $24.99 @ Office Max ($34.97 @ Wal-Mart)
Dixon No. 2 pencils 10ct wood $.20 @ Kmart
Crayola colored pencils 50ct $4.99 @ Target ($6.97 @ W)
Crayola washable markers supertips 50ct $4.99 ($6.96 @ W)
Uni-Ball 207 Bold Retractable Gel pens 2ct $.99 @ Walgreens ($4.36 @ W)
Sharpie Accent highlighters 4pk $.99 @ Walgreens
Paper Mate pens 10ct $.29 @ Walgreens
Expo Dry Erase Markers 4pk $1.99 @ Walgreens (Image shows fine tip but there is no specifics marked for either one so I'd say both are available to match)
Sharpie permanent markers 8pk $3.99 @ Walgreens
Store brand color binder 1inch $.99 @ Walgreens
Store brand lined index cards 3"X5" white 100ct$.01 @ Staples
Store brand 8ct #2 pencils 8pk $.01 @ Staples (I don't know if W has 8ct)
Store brand eraser caps 12ct $.01 @ Staples (I don't know if W has this count)
Crayola classic markers, bold and fine tip10ct $.75 @ Staples
BIC mechanical pencils .7mm 5pk $.50 @ Staples ($1.47)
Avery 5-tab dividers $.25 @ Staples
Store brand 8.5"x11.75" perforated writing pad, wide ruled $.50 @ Staples
Wescott 12inch finger grip ruler (has that part sticking up in the middle) $.50 @ Staples
Sharpie permanent marker 5pk $1 @ Staples

Purell hand sanitizer 8oz $2 @ Staples
-use $1/2 purell 8oz+ printable
-use $3/$10 Purell products printable
Get each bottle for $1.40-$1.50 depending on the coupon you use

BIC erasers grips 4pk $1 @ Staples ($1.62 @ W)
BIC white out correction tape 2pk $3 @ Staples ($3.29)
BIC Tech Stylus 2-in-1  ballpoint pen  $3 @ Staples ($5.72)
Crayola mini Twistables 24ct $3 @ Staples (lowest I've seen these $4.47)
Crayola crayons 64ct $3 @ Staples

Crayola dry erase crayons 8ct $3 @ Staples ($3.96)
-use $1/2 Crayola dry erase products printable
Get 2 packs for $5

Crayola twistables colored pencils 18ct $3 @ Staples ($5.68)
Crayola watercolor set 8ct $3 @ Staples ($3.87)
BIC Cristal pens blue or black 8ct $.50 @ Dollar General
Crayola 24ct crayons $.25 @ Toys-r-us

For all BIC deals, use the BIC $1.50/2 products facebook coupon.
or $1/1 BIC stationary Product

On Crayola products, could use $1/$5 Crayola products (have had issues at both walmarts with this coupon saying it doesn't match)