Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ibotta, Ubotta, we all oughta use Ibotta!

Everyone who has followed me from the very beginning knows I have ranted and raved about the Ibotta app, but there are new followers who don't have time to scroll through every post I have made and deserve a chance at this great app themselves. I have spoken with a coupon of my followers who said they've installed the app and love it.

Here's the deal. The app works with iPhones and Androids. It's super user friendly and doesn't require a whole lot of effort to use. They offer you money on products, which you redeem, then you take a picture of your receipt, scan the product bar code, and send it in. Within 24hrs you will have the money put into a small account which you can later deposit into your PayPal account. (Also simple)

Along with just product offers, there are bonuses which can give you extra money back as well. For example. When you sign up for this app, if you redeem 5 offers within the first 2 weeks, you automatically earn $10!

Also, when you redeem offers, you can still use coupons on those products. So, lets say you bought a box of crackers and you had a coupon that made them free. Well then you also had an Ibotta offer for $.50 when you buy this box of crackers. So now, you just actually made $.50 buying them. Awesome right?

It's a free app to download and it's not a scam. Seriously. I started using Ibotta 6 months ago and my earnings are already up to $31.75. How sweet is that??

Seriously though, try it out. it never hurts anyone to try something new.