Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free fast acting Advil Sample

I don't post sample deals very often, but to allow people to get an idea of what it's like to get a freebie in the mail, I am going to post one today. Here is a free sample of fast acting Advil, courtesy of Wal-Mart. Click on the link and when it pulls up, click get free sample. How do you do free samples though? It's rather simple. Just fill out your information they send it to, name, address, sometimes DOB, and sometimes an email. If you don't want to get a bunch of emails sent to your personal email address, may I suggest something? This is what I did, I created a false e-mail addy, the one I use for every website if I sign up for updates or coupons, tat way the fake email gets bombed everyday and mine stays junk free. :)
So you sign up for your free sample, then wait and in a few weeks-12 weeks, it shows up in the mail! Yay. You can get free samples of anything too really. One time I got a free sample of an Always Infinity pad, they asked me to rate it for them and then sent me a whole free box just for reviewing the product! Always take advantage of free samples when you can, as long as the form or site doesn't seem too sketchy. If you're on the actual product company's site, you are safe though.