Monday, August 5, 2013

For anyone who got robbed this weekend

The title of this post explains it all, but what I mean, is for all of us who expected to see those five star coupons in our 8/04 inserts, yet were once again let down by the fact that all coupons are "regional", have to suffer no more! This usually happens with all of their coupons, but Smartsource has released the coupons on their site. The difference between these and the paper, you only have a limit of 2 prints per coupon. :( At least we have access to them though!

Go here to get 3 five-star printable coupons
The list includes $2/1 five-star binder including five-star flex hybrid noteBinder,
$1/2 five-star products including student planner
$2/2 Five-star reinforced filler paper