Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fareway Deals 8/21-8/27

Store brand cottage cheese 12oz $.99 decent price (24oz for $1.48 today is last day.)
AE greek yogurt $.80 each (cheaper would be better)
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls 12.4-13.9oz $2.25 each

Pillsbury Crescent rolls 8oz $2.25 each

Store brand cream cheese 8oz $1

Shedd's country crock margarine tub 45oz$2.99
-use $.40/1 country crock RP 7/28 (x 8/25)
-use $1/2 country crock printable
Get 1 tub for $2.59 or 2 tubs for $2.49 each

Store brand cheese (shredded/chunk) 8oz $2 each

Birdseye frozen corn, peas, and frozen vegetables 16oz $.99
Tyson chicken appetizers $6.88

Totinos pizza rolls 96ct $6.88
-use $.75/3 totinos roll snacks 
Not really a good deal because you have to buy 3 bags which totals out at like almost $20 after coupon. It's better to get a deal on the small box/bags and use coupon so you are paying even less.

Tony's original pizza $1.98
Jack's pizza $2.75 each
Store brand whipped topping 8oz $1
Store brand frozen vegetables 12-16oz $1
Called in and asked about this Kemps Ice Cream 132oz Pail, might be similar to the same size in Fareway brand, in order to get the deal though, you will have to bring the Don's ad into Fareway to PM it because this one will not be having the shelf priced changed for the whole week. Store brand ice cream pail $3.98--GREAT PRICE Just PM to Hy-vee for $3.99 PAGE 3
Store brand corn, peas, and green beans $.50 each
Claussen pickles 20-32oz $2.50

Progresso Soup 18.5-19oz can $1.48
-use $.50/2 progresso soups printable
Pay just $1.23 per can after coupon!

Dole fruit cups 4pk $2.50 each
-use $1/2 Dole fruit cups printable
Get 2 for $4!

Pasta Aisle
Store brand popcorn 3ct box $1 each
Hunt's pasta sauce 24oz can $1
Store brand pasta 12-16oz $1
Knorr pasta sides $1
Hunt's Ketchup 24oz $1
Smucker's grape jam or jelly 20-32oz $1.99 

Chi-chi's diced green chilis 4.25oz $.88
C&H pure cane sugar 4lb bag $2.49--store brand will be $1.77 @ Hy-Vee

Cake mix aisle
Betty Crocker cake mix  $1.28
-use $.85/2 Super moist cake mix (sign up/in)
-use $.85/2 Super moist cake mix (sign up/in) (another link)
Pay $1.71 for both or just $.85 each!

Betty crocker frosting $1.66
-use $.85/2 ready to spread frosting (sign up/in)
-use $.85/2 ready to spread frosting (sign up/in) (another link)
Pay $2.47 for both or just $1.23 each!!

Pillsbury cake mix 15.25oz $1
Hunt's snack pack pudding or juicy gels 4ct $1<----THESE ARE ALWAYS A DOLLAR 
-use $.45/3 snack pack pudding 4ct SS 8/04 (x 9/15) 
Pay $.85 for each WYB 3
Powerade 32oz $.60 each

Nestle purelife flavored water 6pk bottles $1.66
-use $.55/1 Nestle purelife splash 6ct bottles RP 7/28 (x 9/08)
Pay just $1.11 for a 6pk!!

Capri Sun pouches 10pk $1.88
Store brand case of water bottles $1.99 GREAT PRICE

Betty Crocker fruit snacks B6G4 FREE
-use $.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers or Fruit Roll-Ups Fruit Flavored Snacks SS 8/04 (x 9/28)
-use $.50/1 Betty crocker fruit snacks printable
-use $.50/2 betty crocker fruit snacks printable
-use $.50/2 betty crocker fruit snacks printable (another link)
Total price will vary depending on what the start price is for each box.

Store brand kettle baked chips $1.66

Nabisco crackers 6.5-9.1oz box $1.99
-use $1/3 Nabisco Cookie or Cracker Product SS 8/11 (x 9/21)
Pay $4.97 WYB 3 boxes, or $1.66 each

Doritos, ruffles or munchies PARTY SIZE $3.33 each
Old Dutch Dutch Crunch kettle chips 9oz $2.44 each
Casey's rusk buns 6pk $2.19 (usually about $.50 more)
Store brand english muffins $1 each 
Store brand instant oatmeal $1.66
Sunbelt bakery granola bars 10ct  $1.88
12pk BALL canning jars $1 off store coupon
Fiora paper towels or TP $3.99
Eckrich smoked links $1.66
-use $.55/1 Eckrich Rope or Links Smoked Sausage RP 6/30 (x 8/31)
Pay just $1.11!!

Hormel Canadian bacon or pepperoni 3.5oz $1.66
-use $1/2 pepperoni packages  printable
Get 2 packs for just $1.16 each!

Buddig lunch meat 1lb $2.50
-use $1/1 Buddig Original or Deli Cuts Item 9oz+ SS 7/28 (x 10/31)
Pay $1.50!

Oscar Mayer bologna or cotto salami 12oz $1each
Red, black, green grapes $.99/lb
Peaches $.69/lb GREAT PRICE
Kiwi $0.33 each
Granny smith apples $.99/lb
White potatoes $1.99/5lb bag
Dole celery $.77 each
Jumbo peaches (yellow august flame or white flesh snow giant) $1/lb 
Yellow onions $.79/lb