Monday, August 26, 2013

Time to start preparing for fall/winter bugs

Before you know it, cold and flu season will be just around the bend. That doesn't mean you need to wait until you child spikes a fever of 102 before you realize you're out of medicine. Then decided to go to the pharmacy in town because it's closer and quicker and end up paying and upwards of $10 for a bottle of something that you could have paid half for at Wal-Mart. Never fear. I have a coupon (of course). Go ahead and buy the medicine now with the coupon and have it on hand so if a child does wake up with aches and pains and a fever you can just run to your medicine cabinet.

Here's a coupon for $7/2 Triaminic Products. There's loads of different types of medicines as well as ways for the kid to take them. Syrup, chewables, dissolving. You'll be sure to find whatever flavor and style for your little prince/princess and make that cold or flu disappear more comfortably this season.